Design Tips

Design tips for show-stopping results

There’s only one perfect style for your hardscape design—yours. Not sure where to start? Consider these simple tips from the design experts at Nicolock.

First Impressions

  • Create at least one focal point in your landscape plan that directs the eye to an attractive element like a brightly colored front door, fountain or an ornamental tree.
  • Walkways are more than just a way to get from here to there. They help create a mood, enhance curb appeal and are a way to add color and texture to your landscape.
  • A dramatic front porch creates an inviting sense of arrival.
  • Lighting is a secret designer tool. Use outdoor lighting to highlight focal points and hide architectural flaws.
  • Your driveway can set a stylish tone for your whole property. Use pavers in striking patterns and designs to make a personal statement.
  • Not sure what color paver to select? It’s best to match your stone to the color of your roof for visual symmetry.

Outdoor Comforts

  • Fit pits create a cozy gathering spot and allow you to continue enjoying the outdoors as the weather cools down.
  • Installing a water feature is a great way to bring movement, ambient sound and wildlife to your backyard.
  • Think of large shrubs as green privacy walls for the perimeters of your outdoor living spaces.
  • Integrating pavers in the design of your fireplace or grill gives it a cohesive and custom look.

Au Natural

  • Winding paths create a more natural experience than a straight-line walkway.
  • Mixing colors and patterns in an intentionally random way makes any space feel as though Mother Nature had a hand in the design.
  • Vegetation isn’t just for what’s beneath your feet. It can also be what’s on the walls. Try vertical gardening with a trellis or wall planter to surprise the eye.

Smart Planning

  • Install borders in complementing colors and textures to add spark and define different outdoor spaces such as areas for dining or lounging.
  • When selecting your contractor, ask if they subcontract out parts of the project and, if so, who the subcontractors are.
  • Pavers with a thin veneer of color coating fade over time. Nicolock’s Pave-Shield pavers have color throughout and maintain their rich hues for years to come.
  • Keep your pavers looking great. Simply clean with hot soapy water and a stiff bristle scrub brush.