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Mountain Block Wall

The strength of Mountain Block lies in it's versatility. From the basic task of adding a garden wall for your lawn or raising your flower bed, to creating inspirational features, such as a tranquil pool or a graceful flight of steps, all these tasks can be easily achieved with Mountain Block.

Mountain Block is simple to use and you can easily create a firm and sturdy wall without the need for mortar. Each block is 9" deep and features a lip on it's base. This lip retains the block, tying the wall together.

Mountain Block is intended for use as a single sided wall only.

  • Applications: straight or curved garden walls, seat walls, firepits, waterfalls, planters

Packaging Info

Mountain Block Wall


  Width Length Height Units/Pack Sq.Ft./Pallet Pcs./Pallet Lbs/Pallet
1. Full Block 12" 9" 4"


  48 1,360
2. Cutting Block 12" 9" 4"


  24 775
3. Corner 12" 9" 4"


  24 775
4. Coping 12" 10" 1 1/2"


  48 575