5" Colonial

5” Colonial® Wall Stones are dry stacked, interlocking retaining wall units with an integral shear-key and groove locking system that allows for straight up or setback wall configurations. A textured split-faced finish on two sides permits walls to be built as low-height earth retaining walls up to 3 ft in total wall height. Each pallet comes with pieces that can be split at the jobsite to create 90 degree corners in your wall. Additional corners can be purchased separately.

  • Applications: Retaining Walls, Garden Walls, Steps

Available Colors

Adobe Blend
Bluestone Blend
Crab Orchard Blend
**Caramel Tan
Crab Orchard Blend
Crab Orchard
Fire Island Blend
Fire Island
Golden Brown Blend
Golden Brown
Granite City Blend
Granite City
Oyster Blend
Oyster Blend
Oyster Blend

*Denotes Premium Colors
**Produced in Maryland facility only

Packaging Info

5" Colonial Wall
  Width Length Height Pcs/Sq.Ft. Sq.Ft./Pallet Pcs./Pallet Lbs/Pallet
1. 9" 9" 5" - - 30 -
2. 9" 12" 5" n/a 35 30 3941
3. 9" 16" 5” - - 18 -
4. Corner 9" 16" 5" - - 12 -
*Sizes not sold separately. 2 finished sides. Splittable corners.