Trinity is a workhorse wall system that offers three reinforcement options in one block.

Trinity Wall is pin-less, square foot block designed for small and large engineered wall applications with a built-in setback of ¾” per course. A frictional connection incorporating geogrid is used for typical reinforced applications. Where extreme surcharge loading conditions or extremely tall walls conditions exist, Trinity Wall allows for mechanical connection and a more efficient design. When excavation of the reinforced zone cannot be achieved, earth anchor/soil nail reinforcement is possible with this system. Trinity’s vertically aligned cores allow for efficient and complete stone fill of stacked units, and permit easy grouting when required. Curves can be created without cutting blocks. A straight split face texture is available in a variety of colors & blends. Trinity Wall is manufactured in accordance with ASTM C 1372. Note: Always fill Trinity Wall cores with drainage stone during installation.

  • Applications: Retaining Walls, Garden Walls, Steps

Packaging Info

Trinity Wall
Width Length Height Pcs/Sq.Ft. Sq.Ft./Pallet Pcs./Pallet Lbs/Pallet
1. Wall: 12" 18"
8" 1
2. Corner: 9" 18" 8"
*Wall units & corners are sold separately. 12 x 16 x 3" Trinity Cap available.