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Best Stone Landscaping Ideas

May 21, 2024

Stone makes a beautiful addition to any outdoor landscaping project. Whether you're installing a new patio for outdoor entertaining or want to spruce up your driveway to add some serious curb appeal, the right type of stone can make all the difference. While you may not be a hardscape expert, Nicolock Paving Stones is and would be more than happy to help you with your next landscape design. Get inspired by checking out five of the best stone landscaping ideas we've come across.

1.) Upgrade to Paver-Shield™ Pavers: Any outdoor hardscape can be enhanced by choosing better materials, which is why our number one tip is to simply use paver-shield™ pavers. The secret is in the paver-shield™ technology, which has completely revolutionized the paving stone industry. Thanks to a state-of-the-art manufacturing process, paver-shield™ paving stones have a smooth surface texture and an ultra-dense surface packed with more color and protection than ever before. The paving stones have color from the top to the bottom and will last a lifetime without fading or losing their color.

2.) Add an Outdoor Fireplace: It doesn't matter where you live, a great outdoor fireplace is an instant upgrade to any landscape. Nicolock Paving Stones offers several stone fireplace kits, complete with everything you need to get started like a chimney, a firebox and paving stones. Once complete, your fireplace will offer the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor living area, extending your patio season into the cooler months and setting the tone for total relaxation.

3.) Dine Outdoors: Outdoor dining areas offer options for warm-weather entertaining. Use stone to enhance your outdoor dining area with a new patio or kitchen area. Finish the design with outdoor dining essentials from Nicolock Paving Stones like a new bar, grill or outdoor oven. We even offer outdoor dining kits that come with everything you need to get started, including the stone.

4.) Customize Your Hardscape: Anyone can install a stone driveway or a patio, so you need something to set yourself apart from the rest of your neighbors. Inlays, borders and circle kits from Nicolock Paving Stones offer a simple way to customize your hardscape. Add an Old Town Flagstone Circle to your patio or pick out Old Vienna with Paver-Shield™ edging to create a stunning border along your paved surfaces. With so many accent items available, it's easy to customize your outdoor landscape to your unique style.

5.) Install New Steps: Step up your hardscape with new steps from Nicolock Paving Stone. Our stone steps are designed to deliver maximum impact while still functioning the way you want them to. Install a crisp set of Roma Steps in your choice of color or get whimsical with Log Sleepers. From stepping stones to stairs, we have everything you need to take your hardscape to the next level.

Materials Matter

No matter which landscape design you settle on, know that materials matter. For stone steps, it's obvious that you'll need a high-quality stone, but even your outdoor fireplace will last longer if you invest in better materials now. Not sure where to start? Everything sold by Nicolock Paving Stones is picked with quality in mind and our experts can help you choose the right materials and products for your job.

Visit a Nicolock Paving Stones design center near you to see our best-selling stone products in person and to discuss your project with an expert. When you're ready to move forward, we can even help you find a contractor. At Nicolock Paving Stones, we make landscaping easy with some of the best stone landscaping ideas and the products you need to bring those ideas to life.