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Choosing the Right Contractors for Your Paving Installation

May 21, 2024

If you're ready to redo your yard or beautify your business with some new hardscaping, you're probably in the market for a contractor that knows how to install paving stones. Knowing how to install paving stones the right way will make a difference in how the finished product looks and how long it lasts. Installing paving stones requires attention to detail and a unique set of skills. Selecting the right contractor is essential for ensuring a successful process from start to finish. Fortunately, Nicolock Paving Stones is here to help you choose the right contractor for your paving stone project.

Tips for Choosing a Contractor

Gather Recommendations - The first step in your search for the perfect paver contractor is to gather recommendations. If you don't know anyone who has done this type of project recently, you can always seek referrals from neighbors, colleagues and even social media.

Research Them online - Once you've compiled your list of recommended contractors, do a little online research and check out their reviews, their website, any professional directories they may appear in and their social media platforms. Look for reviews and testimonials from prior clients and be sure to browse any pictures you find posted for examples of their work. Your research will help you narrow down your list of recommended contractors.

Check Licensing - In many areas, a license is required to install paving stones. Verify that any necessary licenses are valid and that the contractor you're considering is bonded and insured. Hiring a licensed contractor is not only good for your peace of mind, but it also offers protection against liability in case there is an accident or damage done during the project.

Factor in Experience - Paving stones are highly visible and long-lasting, so you'll want a contractor with plenty of experience installing them. Interview potential contractors to find out what they specialize in and whether or not they have done the type of installation you are expecting. Some landscape contractors may be more experienced in fire pits or outdoor kitchens while others may specialize in driveways.

Check References - Don't just ask for references, check them too. Request references from the contractors' past clients and then follow up with those references to see if they are satisfied. Ask about their experience working with the contractors, communication, timelines, what they had done and other factors you may find important.

Read All Contracts - You know you're supposed to read a contract before you sign it, but that's even more important when you're doing a big job. Make sure to read through the fine print for any hidden costs and be sure that the contract includes important details like materials, labor, project scope, payment terms, warranties and timelines to avoid trouble down the road.

Take Bids

Before you choose a contractor you'll need to take bids or get estimates done on the job. You should always get at least a few estimates for work that you need to be done so you can aadequately compare each contractor's pricing and what they offer. This is also a great time to ask any questions you may have and get a feel for whether or not you want to work with them.

Choosing the right contractor to install paving stones is crucial to getting the outcome you want. Make sure you take into consideration more than just pricing before you make a decision and if you're not confident in your abilities to choose a contractor, let Nicolock Paving Stones do the legwork and find a contractor for you.