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Creative Landscaping with Concrete Lattice Pavers: Innovative Uses and Design Ideas

May 21, 2024

Concrete lattice pavers deliver the perfect blend of nature and human engineering. Featuring a traditional lattice shape and durable concrete construction, concrete lattice pavers can be used to create pathways that are strong and sturdy, but won't interrupt your lawn. The lattice grid design allows rainwater to filter back into the soil and grass to grow through the openings in the lattice. The result is a natural-looking grass paver system with real grass between each grid. Use concrete lattice pavers for all kinds of creative landscaping, like building a beautiful grass driveway or walkway that reduces flooding and erosion issues.


Concrete lattice pavers are some of the most versatile hardscaping products on the market because they are built with openings that allow vegetation to grow through while still providing a high degree of structural support. The open-weave pavers are adaptable to almost any terrain or design aesthetic. Use concrete lattice pavers to build walkways, driveways and patios, turning any landscape into a work of art. With carefully laid concrete lattice pavers, you'll enjoy the benefits of hardscaping and landscaping in the same space.

Sustainable Solution

Sometimes hardscaping isn't the right solution for a space. When flooding or drainage is an issue, concrete lattice pavers can be the solution. Considered one of the most sustainable landscaping solutions, concrete lattice pavers promote natural drainage and reduce stormwater runoff. They can be used in water conservation efforts and because they are so permeable, rainwater easily runs through to replenish the soil below, leading to healthier plant growth and less erosion over time.

Design Ideas and Inspiration

Creating a beautiful outdoor space is easy with concrete lattice pavers. Not sure where to start? Here are five ideas to kickstart your creative landscaping

1.) Green Pathways - Use concrete lattice pavers to go green while you update your curb appeal. Incorporate lattice pavers into pathways, then fill the openings with soil and plant some low-maintenance ground cover in between like creeping thyme or moss. You'll soon have a touch of lush greenery to soften your more traditional hardscape elements for a visually appealing finish.

2.) Creative Patterns - Embrace your artistic side by using concrete lattice pavers to create different patterns and designs in your hardscape. From geometric shapes to simple borders around seating areas, the possibilities are endless. Checker Block® is a great product for unleashing your artistic side.

3.) Gorgeous Green Driveways - Solid driveways are boring and they don't let rainwater penetrate through to the ground, which can cause puddling. Go green by installing a functional and aesthetically pleasing driveway using concrete lattice pavers like Turfstone from Nicolock Paving Stones. Because they're permeable, puddles will be a thing of the past. The durable concrete material handles the weight of cars with ease without crushing the grass.

4.) Get Vertical - Sure concrete lattice pavers work well on horizontal surfaces, but think outside the box and install them on vertical surfaces as well. Use lattice pavers to create vertical gardening spaces or to soften a retaining wall. Using concrete lattice pavers on vertical surfaces to hold plants helps you maximize space and add a unique feature to your landscape.

5.) Sustainable Seating - If your outdoor living space features a patio, you can make your seating area more comfortable and more sustainable by using concrete lattice pavers. Use the pavers to create a circle or rectangle pattern and then fill the gaps with gravel or grass for a show-stopping and sustainable seating area.

Use concrete lattice pavers all around your outdoor space to add a sustainable and aesthetic touch. Explore different ways to use the pavers and unlock the full potential of your landscaping materials to transform an ordinary space into a work of art.