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Inspiration for Pavers Around the Pool

May 21, 2024

Elevate your poolside paradise with fresh paving stones, featuring cool colors and an undeniable aesthetic appeal. With the right paving stones, you can enhance the ambiance of any space, bringing out the classic elegance of the area or adding a contemporary flair. When choosing paving stones for your pool area you'll have a lot of options and Nicolock Paving Stones is here to help you explore the various paving stones available so you can create a stunning and functional poolside patio.

1.) Alpine Contemporary - Instantly add a stunning pop of color and visual interest to your poolside patio with Alpine Contemporary Paving Stones. Featuring multiple sizes in each pallet, you can easily create different patterns to highlight the beauty of the paving stones. Made with paver-shield™ technology, the pool-friendly paving stones won't fade or lose their appeal when exposed to the elements or pool water.

2.) Blue Ridge - Modeled after natural stone, Blue Ridge paving stones offer timeless elegance and a touch of luxury. The unique texture and color complement traditional and modern pool designs. The multi-size rectangular shapes with textured surfaces and slightly chamfered edges deliver a rustic look. The multi-purpose paving stones are part of the paver-shield™ collection and are not suitable for vehicle traffic, though they're right at home poolside.

3.) Stone Ridge XL - For a beautiful and sophisticated look with a distinctively Mediterranean vibe, order Stone Ridge XL paving stones in an earthy, terracotta hue. The paving stones will bring an old-world feel to your pool area and pair beautifully with lush greenery or vibrant landscaping. Stone Ridge XL is made with Nicolock's exclusive paver-shield™ technology, for an ultra-dense surface and rich, vibrant color from top to bottom.

4.) Paragram Paver - Go ultra-modern with the Paragram Paver from Nicolock Paving Stones. The poolside-approved paving stones feature a smooth face and ultra-modern design that's perfect for borders and inlays or entire pool decks. The paving stones are parallelogram-shaped and can be arranged in many contemporary designs.

5.) Cobblestone - Ditch the square and rectangular paving stones and opt for cobblestone instead. Cobblestone pavers are great for adding a unique twist to your pool patio, with a bold design that stands out and turns heads. The paving stones feature paver-shield™ technology, which helps prevent them from breaking down when exposed to the sun and elements.

Paving Stone Colors

The color of the paving stone is possibly as important or more important than the shape of the paving stone. When planning a poolside Paradise, you'll want to minimize gaps between pavers for the least maintenance while maximizing style. One way you can turn up the charm is by choosing the right color. Cool colors like blues and grays tend to have a clean, contemporary feel while warm colors like reds and terracottas tend to have a rustic, classic feel. The color you choose will depend on your outdoor landscape, the color of your pool and what aesthetic you are trying to achieve.

Whether you prefer classic or contemporary, Nicolock Paving Stones is here to help with inspiring poolside pavers. Shop our collection today to find the right paving stones to bring your vision to life.