Ultimate Family Staycation

paver-shieldTM Technology

Ultimate Family Staycation 

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Any Color Paving Stone Imaginable
Vibrant Color Options from Nicolock

Nicolock has color from top to bottom throughout the paver ensuring a lifetime of beauty. Iron oxide pigments are GUARANTEED not to fade!

Nicolock pavers have a full, structural lifetime warranty and are transferable to the next home owner.

Roberto Nicolia

CEO/President, Nicolock Paving Stones


To Nicolock Paving Stones

Roberto Nicolia

CEO/President, Nicolock Paving Stones

Family is everything to me.

And I’m sure you feel the same–especially lately.

When life changed so dramatically, we all got the chance to reconnect with our families and refocus our priorities. Chaotic routines that once drove us apart gave way to simple pleasures– like eating dinner together each night. 

Moving forward, we need to keep the focus on family togetherness and make memories each day with those that matter most. Expanding your living space into the outdoors with an exciting, customized Nicolock Paving Stone project is an investment that will give you the best of both worlds today and for decades to come—

more space for the immediate family’s daily fun and a social place for friends to gather. Do you picture everyone enjoying hours together on a new patio beside a raging fire pit, or maybe lounging around a beautiful pool or hot tub while something’s grilling in the outdoor kitchen? Are you thinking about enhancing your property’s 

curb appeal with a new driveway, walkway, or retaining wall? Whatever your dream space may be, now is the perfect time to make it a reality. And we’re here to help you, just as we have been for three generations, since we started our family-owned paving stone business nearly 60 years ago.

the paver-shield™ difference

We’ve invested millions in the most technologically advanced manufacturing equipment available to produce hardscape products that exceed the standards of the industry and those of the most discriminating buyer.

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Rich, lasting color is the hallmark of every Nicolock product. We’ve invested millions to develop our exclusive paver-shield™ technology to ensure that our paver color always stays as vibrant as the day it’s installed. Infused from top to bottom with uniformly-blended artisan colors, each durable paver-shield™ paver has a tight, smooth, ultra-dense surface that is backed by our lifetime transfer able warranty.

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