It’s easy to add a touch of class and design accent to your property with the circles and inlays available at Nicolock Paving Stones. Someone with a good eye can take virtually any area on your land, such as the driveway in front of your home, the patio or the pool in the back and make it unique. It’s amazing how the simple use of these pavers can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Create a Gathering Space

Some people use our circles and inlays to create focal points in specific areas of their outdoor living spaces. Friends and family members will generally congregate at or near these areas. Only you will really understand the smart design scheme that’s drawing them into relaxing and unwinding in your updated outdoor area.

Accent on Style

You might use these products to accentuate a seating area. They also provide a great way to create a distinctive pattern in your driveway, impressing visitors and adding curb appeal to your home at the same time.

Of course, when you shop here, you’ll also have access to the many motifs and the broad color palette we have become known for in the more than 60 years we have been in business. You’ll discover beautiful colors, such as Bluestone, York Brown, Gironde and Mocha. Design options range from the classic to the contemporary and from rustic to urban chic. Thanks to our wide selection, your creativity will be limited only by your imagination.

The paver-shield™ technology used in Nicolock pavers means they have a tight, smooth surface texture and will not expose heavy aggregate as they wear. By adding color top to bottom throughout each paver, we ensure a lifetime of beauty. The iron oxide pigments we use are guaranteed not to fade.