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Use Olde Towne paving stones for poolside or patio projects. The rectangular paving stones come in multiple sizes, so you can create your choice of patterns. Textured edges add another charming touch to the design and paving stones can be installed without spacer lugs to minimize gaps and create a more solid surface. Add a little old-world charm to your favorite outdoor living space by choosing Olde Towne pavers stones from Nicolock.

Ready to get started? Let Nicolock Paving Stones help you find a dealer or find a contractor to transform your outdoor living space with Olde Towne paving stones.

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Olde Towne

Enjoy European elegance at home by choosing the Olde Towne Series from Nicolock Paving Stones. Featuring rich, earthy tones and a dimpled surface, the Olde Towne series is ideal for recreating your favorite traditional patterns. Made to look similar to cobblestone, Olde Towne paving stones deliver the long-lasting beauty and old-world charm you want.

Perfect for poolside or patios
No spacer lugs
111 square feet per pallet
Multi-size rectangular shapes
3,542 lbs per pallet
Dimpled surface
Textured edges
4-3/4″ x 9-1/2″ x2-3/4″ sold as separate pallet


* Premium Color
** Deluxe Color


Rustico #1
Rustico #2
Rustico #3


Olde Towne 1/24-3/4"9-1/2"2-3/4"3.21113603,313
Olde Towne Combo9-1/2"9-1/2"2-3/4"1.6111723,542