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The Urban Cowboy is the perfect blend of city and country living. The space-saving design fits in perfectly on the patio, at the tailgating party or out in the fields. The 30-inch steel basin provides plenty of warmth for 3 to 6 people and can help extend the outdoor living season by weeks in the spring and fall. Use the Urban Cowboy fire pit as an electricity-free alternative to electric patio heaters. Designed for home entertaining, cooking or grilling, the Urban Cowboy efficiently burns wood to put off a generous amount of heat and a gentle glow.

The unique design of Urban Cowboy makes it one of the most versatile fire pits we offer at Nicolock. Take it tailgating, bring it to the lake or set it up wherever your wanderlust may lead you. The Urban Cowboy features steel legs and a super-stable tripod design with a heavyweight, hanging basin. The perfectly proportioned fire pit delivers plenty of heat and a fan-favorite from the Cowboy Cauldron collection.

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The Urban Cowboy

The most versatile cauldron. Its 30” basin provides your crew with plenty of warmth to extend your outdoor life by weeks in the fall and spring. More than a cozy heat source, this cauldron really shines as a grill and cook pot--adding a western flair, a haunting vibe, or a touch of sophistication to any gathering at home or on the road. Though slightly larger, one person can still easily transport it, so you don’t have to leave home without it.
Solid Steel Construction
Perfectly Proportioned
Multipurpose Fire Pit, Grill, Cooking Vessel


  • Basin Diameter: 30 in.
  • Basin Weight: 75 lbs.
  • Tripod Height: 72 in.
  • Tripod Width: 72 in. Point to Point Approximately


  • Cauldron Basin
  • Tripod Frame
  • Suspension Chain
  • Charcoal Grate
  • Cooking Grill
  • Rain Cover