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Large and in charge, the Wrangler fire pit is everything you’ve ever wanted in a hanging fire pit and more. Perfect for chefs, this fire pit functions like a professional unit, making a bold statement and offering lots of grilling space. The unique tripod design makes the Wrangler portable enough to take tailgating, but stable enough to be a regular outdoor fixture. Whether you cook for a living or just want to impress some guests, the Wrangler by Cowboy Cauldron is a great choice.

Shop at Nicolock to order the Wrangler fire pit. We offer authentic Cowboy Cauldron products at fantastic prices and the Wrangler is one of our favorites. Even if you don’t plan on cooking in the basin, the Wrangler delivers a ruggedly handsome design that will set you and your yard apart from the others. Like all Cowboy Cauldron products, the Wrangler is built to last a lifetime and features solid, seamless plate steel construction. The adjustable height tripod fits in any space and setup takes just seconds. Get your hands on a Wrangler fire pit today and take your backyard barbecue to the next level.

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The Wrangler


  • Basin Diameter: 36 in.
  • Basin Weight: 130 lbs.
  • Tripod Height: 79 in.
  • Tripod Width: 85 in. Point to Point Approximately