When you need to support soil in a way that prevents erosion use one of our retaining walls. Retaining walls are a tough, rigid wall system that’s designed to keep soil in its place or can be used to create levels or tiered areas where there are slopes. Nicolock Paving Stones offers a large assortment of effective retaining wall systems and landscape walls that aren’t only effective but are durable and look great.

Designed for Sturdiness

Nicolock’s retaining wall systems allows you to experience durability, style and customization. These retaining wall systems aren’t just great for residential use, they’re excellent for commercial use as well. You can create a safe and secure wall while also coordinating with your natural surroundings. Typically, a retaining wall may be part of a system that includes geogrid and may require engineering.

A Beautiful Appearance

Nicolock’s retaining walls are available in a wide variety of styles and colors, offering numerous design possibilities. Nicolock Paving Stones offers several options for retaining walls, meaning that you can find the wall system that looks best for your landscape or project. Simple retaining walls like our Alta Wall System can provide a tapered design look, while our Outcropping wall system lends a more natural appearance. Each of Nicolock’s retaining walls comes in multiple color blends, as they utilize our superior color blending technique which results in deep, rich color throughout each block. We offer the most color selections in the industry, you can find the type of wall that will work best for you, in your color preference.

Browse our selection of retaining wall systems. Combing durability, effectiveness, style and color all into one secure concrete mix, our retaining wall systems are your choice for the outdoors.