Swatch Swap Settings

Not sure which paver colors to choose? Use the Color Visualzer Tool to mix and match color options for your paver project.

Step 1 Determine number of colors in your project
Every project is made from up to 3 options (Paver, Inlay and Border) Check the box if you want to include an inlay option in your color combinations.

Using the “project navigator” to move between paver sections.

Step 2 Choose your colors
Using the “Color Options” click on your color choice. Color selection will appear in the Visualizer. Use the arrows to view/select options.

To switch to a different section, like the border or inlay areas, click on the section and then select a color.

Step 3 Email it!
When you’re satisfied with the combination of colors you chose, use the “email to me” or “email to my contractor” buttons.

If you can’t decide on a color combination, try the suggestions in the “Popular Color Combinations” section. As you click each component in a combination it will appear in Visualizer.