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Exploring the Benefits of DIY Landscaping vs. Hiring Professionals

November 22, 2023

How to Decide Whether or Not Lawn Care Services are Worth It

Do you feel like your driveway, front yard or back yard are lacking lately? Maybe things have grown a little too familiar, or maybe they've overgrown a bit: your driveway is cracked and worn; your front yard isn't catching any eyes; or your backyard isn't the hot spot you always wanted it to be. If you're like thousands of other homeowners, you may be considering a landscaping refresh. You may also be asking yourself, "Are lawn care services worth it?"

Considering tackling this project on your own can seem daunting, and while there will be a lot of work to go into it, performing the task yourself can be rewarding in several ways. Is there a right answer to handling a landscaping project on your own versus hiring a contractor? Short answer: yes. Longer answer: yes but each has unique benefits.

To make things your decision a little easier, we've developed a quick guide for each path of landscaping and hiring landscaping professionals.

The Benefits of DIY Landscaping

More Control

When you tackle a landscaping project on your own, you have the final say over every piece. From the type of grass you choose to the trees, shrubbery and plant life, you're the boss. Working with a professional lawn care service may compromise the vision you have in your mind vs. when you are the one planting.

Maybe the shrubs or paving stones you've chosen don't quite work together by conventional standards; maybe the shrubs you want aren't the best for your climate, but you know that they're exactly what you want to see, and when you run the show, you get what you want.

More Budgets Towards Materials

This benefit may be the biggest one for some people. Naturally, you'll need to budget for hiring a professional landscaper since it is their job and business to do the work for you, lowering the amount of funds that can go towards features such as:

  • Outdoor fire pits
  • Outdoor kitchen accessories
  • The types of stone used
  • How many plants you'll have at the end

If you want to maximize what you'll have in your yard and have higher quality materials to enjoy day after day, you may want to forego professional care and do it yourself instead.

A Sense of Purpose

Who doesn't like having something to look forward to? Rather than following the same schedule day in and day out, when you tackle a landscaping project on your own, you enjoy the excitement of getting to plan out every detail, pick every paving stone, design your perfect patio, and make it all come true.

There may be some stressors along the way, but once the job is complete, you'll have one of the greatest rewards possible: the satisfaction of knowing that you made it happen. Of course, you'll have the landscape of your dreams; that's a great perk, too.

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Landscapers

Now that we've gone over some of the benefits of tackling a landscaping project on your own, let's see if lawn care services are worth it.

Quality Assurance

One of the highest priority reasons to hire a professional lawn care service is that they have years of expertise. Every attention to detail is paid in full; their techniques for planting trees and shrubs and laying down paving stones for walkways, accent walls or outdoor kitchens have been refined over countless hours and jobs.

They also have connections that may yield higher quality products than you'd be able to purchase on your own (in some cases).

They will also help ensure everything is up to code and know how to get necessary permits.

Experience with Design

Alongside those years of experience comes a masterful eye for designing a landscape or outdoor living space that suits your wants and needs. As a counterpoint to a DIY benefit earlier, while you have the final say and can choose options that may seem unconventional, hiring a professional to provide guidance helps avoid unseemly or unsightly paving stone or landscaping options.

While you can pour hours into research and design, a professional has already done that and honed their skills by applying it to hundreds of jobs.

Saves Time

While the reward of performing a landscaping redesign on your own is one-of-a-kind because it (most likely) isn't your job, it can take quite a while to ensure everything is done right. Rather than tearing your yard up for weeks or months, the job will be done in a fraction of that time. While you may have deadlines you can hit if you work diligently, quality may slip; this won't be the case when you hire a professional lawn care service.

Whether you choose to hire a professional lawn care service or do it yourself, a landscape and hardscape refresh increases your home's curb appeal and value immediately. Since it is likely your largest investment, doing all you can to make sure it appreciates over time is a wise decision. You'll have a beautiful view you can enjoy throughout the year; you can feel more confident welcoming guests to a beautiful exterior that matches the care you've put into the interior of your home.

For more information on getting started on a DIY project or to speak with one of our trusted expert contractors, call or email us today. We'll be happy to provide more information.