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Paver-shield™ Technology

Nicolock Paving Stones is redefining the paving stone industry with our innovative paver-shield™ technology. Paving stones made with paver-shield™ technology have a tight, smooth surface texture and will not expose heavy aggregate as they wear. The paving stones have an ultra-dense surface packed with more color and protection. Nicolock paver-shield™ paving stones have color from top to bottom throughout the paver, ensuring a lifetime of beauty.

Our paving-shield™ technology relies on a state-of-the-art manufacturing process where precisely measured materials are used to produce a consistent, durable base mix. During this process, iron oxide bonds with cement molecules to create vibrant colors. These iron oxide pigments are guaranteed not to fade, resulting in deep, rich color throughout the entire paving stone.

About Paver-Shield

See the Difference!

See the paver-shield™ difference for yourself in person or at one of our design centers and understand why so many people choose Nicolock Paving Stones for their hardscape products. Our paver-shield™ paving stones feature a smooth and ultra-dense surface with rich and vibrant color that won’t fade. With traditional paving stones that don’t offer this added protection, the large aggregate will eventually become exposed through weathering; making the paver look rough, worn, and faded. With Nicolock’s paver-shield™ paving stones, you’ll get color through and through, not partial color. Nicolock’s commitment to quality does not stop at the surface. We infuse Nicolock’s beautiful and richly colored pigments from top to bottom in each one of our products – not just a thin veneer. That means your paving stones won’t fade or diminish in beauty over time. Beware of competitive products with just a thin veneer of color and always choose authentic paver-shield™ paving stones from Nicolock Paving Stones.

Get Strength and Durability

Paver-shield™ paving stones are strong and vibrant. The paving stones are made using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and premium materials that result in consistent, thorough color and exceptional durability. The paving stones are made using ultra-fine sand, Portland cement and additional pigment to ensure the best results possible. Paver-shield™ products are made in our seven manufacturing facilities, where we control the entire process, every step of the way.

Many quality assurance precautions are applied during the manufacturing process to ensure not only the most durable products, but the strongest too. Nicolock continues to exceed the standards set by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) and The American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM), so you can shop with confidence.