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Upgrade your home’s exterior with new paver steps from Nicolock Paving Stones. Our landscaping block steps are ideal for front doors, back doors, patios and more. Add stepping stones to a fire pit, install a new paver walkway or pick out garden stepping stones to update your landscaping. Whether you want stepping stones, patio steps or a complete stone stairs kit, you’ll find it at all Nicolock Paving Stones.

Nicolock Steps

Paver stairs can be nice, but solid stairs are better. Using pavers for steps leaves seams behind, which need regular maintenance to maintain their app. Nicolock Paving Stones’ steps are solid, requiring less care and maintenance and delivering more impact. Add steps to a patio for easy access or to help navigate a change in grade easily.

Quality Construction

Nicolock Paving Stones offers the best quality you can buy and our steps are no exception. Made with durability in mind, our stone steps can handle heavy wear and won’t crack or break with regular use. Steps come in several styles, so you can match your steps to your outdoor decor or update your home’s entry while adding some serious curb appeal. The exceptional quality means Nicolock Paving Stones steps are ideal for high-traffic areas, infrequently used pathways and everything in between.

When you need stone steps at a great price, turn to Nicolock Paving Stones. Find a dealer to order stone steps, or hire a contractor to measure, order and install them. Want to see the steps before you buy? Visit a Nicolock Paving Stones design center to see some of our best sellers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prevent moss and weeds from growing on my stone steps?

To prevent moss and weeds from growing on your stone steps, spray them with an anti-fungal solution or use a weed barrier fabric at the base of the steps. Do not use salt to prevent weeds from growing on your stone steps as salt can damage the stone.

How much does it cost to install stone steps in a garden or yard?

The cost of installing stone steps in a garden or yard will vary depending on the size and complexity of your project. Consult a professional for an estimate to get a better idea of what installing stone steps in your garden or yard will cost.

Are there any special safety considerations when installing or using stone steps?

When installing or using stone steps, make sure that the steps are securely fastened into place, as loose stones may cause trips or falls. Additionally, ensure that any edges are smooth and free of debris so no one gets injured. A handrail may be required in certain circumstances.

How do you secure a stone step?

Stone steps are secured during installation using mortar beneath the step. Broken or loose steps can be repaired using mortar or a high-quality epoxy adhesive depending on the nature of the repair.

What do you put under stone steps?

In order for stone steps to be stable, they should be built on top of compacted soil or a layer of crushed stone and leveling sand.