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Give patios, pools and entryways a whole new look with the smooth surface of our thermal-finished treads. These caps can be used with most of Nicolock’s outdoor stone steps and paver stones. Adding them increases the height of the step by 2 inches, providing a finished look with a bit of overhang.

We offer these treads with flamed and fullnose edges. Flamed step treads have a flat face for a clean, contemporary look. A fullnose tread has a rounded face for a refined look and some added safety for young kids. Note that the fullnose thermal-finish step is only available with a 14-inch depth.

Each size and style is offered in an assortment of color patterns, including Gironde and Bluestone. Enhance your hardscape with stair and landing caps installed by an authorized contractor.

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Thermal & Fullnose Treads

Finish hardscape steps with a smooth, classic look. These two-inch thermal stair treads are available in six sizes to match the rest of your outdoor aesthetic.




Thermal Only2”48"12”15961,490
Thermal Only2”60"12”151201,850
Thermal Only2”72"12”151432,200
Thermal and Fullnose2”48"14”151181,815
Thermal and Fullnose2”60"14”151472,250
Thermal and Fullnose2”72"14”151652,515