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If you are building a wall outdoors, an excellent way to end it is with a pier. Pier endings provide great support and definition.

What is the definition of a pier? The word can mean many things in the English language, but in this case, the pier meaning is a vertical structural support. From pier to pier, these supports add strength as well as style to outdoor walls.

The Mini Colonial Pier Kit from Nicolock offers classic good looks and versatility to wall projects. This mini pier kit can serve as one 60-inch high pier or as two 30-inch high mini piers.

Made right here in America in our modern manufacturing facilities, these piers are built to look solid, substantial and stylish and years of service with outstanding durability. You might even say our piers have no peers.

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Mini Colonial Pier

Use our Mini Colonial Pier Kit to complement your Mini Colonial Wall.
Creates One: 24"x 24" x 60" high pier
Hard-split rockface finish
Creates Two: 24" x 24" x 30" high piers
Use with 30" x 30" Pier Cap


Cappuccino Blend
Graphite Pearl Blend *
South Bay Blend

* Premium Color
** Deluxe Color



*Cap sold separately