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The Multi Cap is the ideal finishing touch for your outdoor project. Although they work best with single-sided walls, they are compatible with most of Nicolock Paving Stones wall systems. Each cap is 3 inches high, 16 inches long, and 12 inches deep. Multi Cap wall stones have a hard-split face texture on the outward face and a smooth edge on the other side. Use high-strength concrete adhesive to permanently attach them for decades of beauty.

Once you’ve assembled a landscape wall or pier, add these overhanging retaining wall capstones to enhance their appeal and also provide protection to the wall beneath. Many colors are available to complement the main wall — and they’re guaranteed to last for generations. View the complete specs or call our experts to learn more about these American-made capstones.


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Multi Cap

Features a hard-split face design on one edge. Suitable for single-sided walls but also compatible with all Nicolock Walls.
3"h x 16"L units
Hard-split rock face texture
Single-sided capstone
85 Linear feet per pallet
Rectangular shape
Attach with high-strength concrete adhesive


Adobe Blend
Crab Orchard Blend
Fire Island Blend
Golden Brown Blend
Granite City Blend
Oyster Blend
Westchester Blend

* Premium Color
** Deluxe Color