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Mobile Design Center

We know you’re busy and have enough on your hands without having to drive to showrooms to find the best materials and ideas for your hardscaping projects. And we understand that Zoom meetings and even print brochures just don’t cut it, because you can’t get a true sense of the feel and looks of paving stones and other materials online or on paper.

That’s why Nicolock has created our Mobile Design Center. When you book an event with us, we will bring a trailer load of our best products and top creative ideas right to you, either at your shop or your work site.

Inside the trailer, you will see some of our top-selling pavers on display. You will be able to feel the textures, see the sizing and scope out the colors to help you decide what best fits your job. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff members will guide you to our top trend-setting products and colors.

Step back farther into the trailer and check out our wall section. Here you will discover solutions for a variety of wall applications, including landscape walls, garden walls and retaining walls. You’ll also get to see our coping options to apply the finishing touch for all things hardscape.

Fire gear features play a big part in outdoor rooms, so you’ll get to see some of our fire pits too. We also will show you some of beautiful outdoor grills and provide some tips on how to implement them in your jobs.

We’ll wind up with a test to see if you really know and understand Nicolock products and if you can choose the right one for your project. No worries! Everyone passes this exam. If you get stuck, our staff will be ready to supply helpful hints and suggestions.

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