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Enjoy every minute of your outdoor cooking experience by adding the right stainless steel grill. Shop Nicolock Paving Stones’ selection of outdoor grills today.

The centerpiece of every outdoor dining setup is a high-quality grill. Nicolock Paving Stones does more than just patios and retaining walls; we also offer the best gas grills through our national network of dealers. You can add your new grill to a kitchen island or place paver-shield™ pavers under the grill for a stylish outdoor cooking solution. We work with multiple premier outdoor gas grill manufacturers to bring you the finest backyard cooking appliances: American Made Grills, SunFire Grills and Summerset Grills.

Grills Made in the U.S.

American Made Grills are made in the U.S. and provide a luxurious way to grill burgers and hot dogs, smoke brisket and much more. All their grills are NG/LP, which means you can cook using natural gas or liquid propane. Whether you’re talking about the 30-inch Estate compact gas grill or the party-ready 54-inch Muscle Hybrid Grill — which also allows the use of charcoal — there’s a premium grilling solution.

Stainless Steel Grills

Summerset Grills are another top-notch choice that offer many of the same features at a lower price point. Their collection includes the budget-minded Sizzler grill, the commercial-grade TRL grill series and the high-end Alturi grills.

Either way, you’re getting an incredibly rugged stainless steel grill with precision controls, high heat potential, LED lights and other features — all backed by the best warranties in the industry. Nicolock Paving Stones also has side burners and other accessories to complete your new outdoor kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of outdoor grills are available?

The types of outdoor grills available include charcoal, gas and electric grills. While all outdoor grills work in a similar manner, each type imparts its own unique flavors and offers different benefits.

Are there any safety precautions I should take when using an outdoor grill?

When using an outdoor grill, always keep the area well-ventilated and wear protective gear such as heatproof gloves and long pants. Additionally, make sure to place the grill in a safe spot away from flammable materials and eaves.

How do I properly clean and maintain my outdoor grill?

To properly clean and maintain your outdoor grill, it is important to scrape off any debris with a wire brush after each use; additionally, periodically check for rust or damage that may occur over time due to weathering elements. You should also periodically check any gas valves to make sure they’re working properly and cover your grill when not in use to protect it from the elements.

What size outdoor grill should I buy for my family’s needs?

The size of the outdoor grill you buy should be determined by how much food you will typically prepare at once. If you would like to feed large groups regularly, then a larger model is advised whereas smaller models are best suited for more intimate gatherings.

What fuel is best for use in an outdoor grill?

Fuel types vary depending on which type of outdoor grill you purchase – generally speaking though propane or natural gas are popular choices for powering most grills since they provide consistent heat output throughout cooking sessions and heat up quickly.

What are the most popular gas grill features?

The most popular gas grill features are side burners, automatic ignition, upgraded cooking grates, tool hooks, storage shelves and propane enclosures. Less popular luxury features include integrated rotisseries, built-in lighting, view windows, heat-zone separators and LED control knobs.

Can you use a gas grill under a covered porch?

Yes, you can use a gas grill under a covered porch as long as there is adequate ventilation to remove any hazardous fumes or smoke that the grill may put off. Never leave a gas grill unattended, especially when grilling under a covered porch, as flare-ups can cause fires.