Wall Systems

Choose Nicolock Paving Stones for your outdoor wall system to experience the best in style, durability and customization. We offer a wide variety of options to help you create the perfect wall for any outdoor space. Whether you want a freestanding wall that looks great from both sides or a retaining wall or garden wall built directly into the land on your property, we have the perfect products to turn your vision into a reality. Learn more about our stable and long-lasting wall systems and how to install one in your residential or commercial outdoor space.


Types of Outdoor Walls

At Nicolock, we know that every property comes with its own unique needs and features. Depending on the type of grounds you’re landscaping and the characteristics of the soil, you may need different types to create the outdoor walls you want. Our product selection includes a number of options in terms of design and color, allowing you to create a safe and secure wall while also coordinating with your natural surroundings. Choose landscape walls that can assist with earth retention or provide privacy for your home. Garden walls are ideal for creating dedicated areas for planting trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants. Your walls can look sleek and modern or rustic and natural depending on your personal preference, and we’ll help ensure you get the right type to work for your needs.

Choose Your Wall Stones

Preparing for any residential or commercial installation is easy with Nicolock Paving Stones. We allow you to request a sample so you can see our products in person, or you can visit one of our Design Centers to see examples of our products in action. We can also provide you with more information for DIY installations or help you find a contractor in your area that can provide a professional installation on your property. Contact us today to learn more.