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Entertain guests outside and cook delicious food for them with Nicolock’s selection of outdoor ovens. Prepare pizza, chicken and more for outdoor dining.

When you’re having an outdoor event, you want to spend time hanging out with guests, not inside cooking. Nicolock Paving Stones offers a selection of outdoor ovens that allow you to do both, making meal preparation a fun part of a social gathering instead of a chore. By using a wood-fired oven, you can give food an authentic cookout flavor — and you won’t just be limited to burgers and hot dogs, either. Prepare entrees, appetizers and desserts using these backyard ovens built for years of cookouts and parties.

Ovens for Outdoor Dining

Nicolock has a variety of outdoor ovens that turn your landscape into a master kitchen. If you’re looking for an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven, we offer several options. The Imperial and Duke outdoor wood-fired oven systems both can be mounted on top of an existing outdoor kitchen counter. For a supersized cooking experience, add the Verona Wood Fired Oven assembled with durable Nicolock retaining wall stones. Apart from the Verona, these ovens arrive fully assembled and ready to cook. If you prefer the convenience of propane or natural gas, consider a built-in outdoor oven for your kitchen island or a freestanding outdoor oven that requires no other setup.

Cook Up a Storm

From pizza to poultry, roasted corn to cookies, our outdoor cooking ovens can do it all. They’re made of corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel and have convenient features such as removable doors, a refractory brick floor and protective covers. Guests might even want to cook their own food when they see your new oven in action. Find a dealer today and so some real outdoor living this summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How close can you put the pizza oven to the house?

Pizza ovens should be placed at least 10 feet from houses and other structures. The oven should be monitored during the cooking process and thoroughly cleaned after use.

Do outdoor pizza ovens need a chimney?

Yes, outdoor pizza ovens need a chimney to help with heat and smoke ventilation, ensuring a safe and comfortable cooking environment. The chimney also helps control airflow for more efficient combustion and even cooking, resulting in restaurant-quality pizzas.

Where should I put my pizza oven in my backyard?

The pizza oven should be placed a safe distance from any walls or fences, ideally no less than 10 feet. Freestanding outdoor pizza ovens are commonly placed near patios or eating areas. Countertop models are often placed in an outdoor kitchen or near a grill.

Can you put a pizza oven under a pergola?

With the right accommodations, you can put a pizza oven under a pergola. The firebox should be located as far from the legs of the structure as possible and smart ventilation features should be included to direct smoke away from the cover. With common-sense fire safety practices, you can safely enjoy your pizza oven under cover all year round.

What do you put under the pizza oven floor?

To secure the pizza oven floor, a layer of underfloor paste should be applied using a trowel with ridges. You can make underfloor paste by mixing one part fine sand and one part fine clay with water until it reaches a paste-like consistency. Spread the mixture evenly using a ridged trowel, then set the pizza oven floor on top.