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Outdoor Oven (Freestanding)

The Summerset Freestanding Outdoor Oven from Nicolock Paving Stones makes it easy to incorporate an outdoor oven into any outdoor kitchen, even if you don't have an island or available counter space. The freestanding design goes anywhere and allows you to bake like a professional chef, whipping up delicious appetizers, brick oven pizzas, decadent brownies and much more. The outdoor oven and stand are made from #304 stainless steel and boat incredible style, high performance and power.

The Summerset Freestanding Outdoor Oven is designed to stand completely independently of your other outdoor cooking carts, countertops, grills and gadgets. The oven sits on top of a stand, with castor wheels, two side shelves and built-in storage for a propane tank. The freestanding Summerset Outdoor Oven has all of the same features as the built-in version, like a heavy-duty door, a heat-resistant handle, a full-view window and 3 cooking racks to make baking outdoors easy and enjoyable. Conquer outdoor cooking by ordering a Summerset Freestanding Outdoor Oven from Nicolock Paving Stones.


Model NumberSS-OVFS

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