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Keep your favorite cold refreshments on tap for the next big game or a celebration by ordering a Summerset 24″ 6.6c Deluxe Outdoor Rated Kegerator with Single Tap from Nicolock Paving Stones. The dispensing tower features #304 stainless steel construction and is UL-rated for outdoor use. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment is protected against all kinds of weather conditions, delivering perfectly chilled drinks game after game.

The Summerset 24″ 6.6c Deluxe Outdoor Rated Kegerator offers 6.6 cubic feet of cold storage, so your keg will be ice-cold and well-hidden. The Kegerator is not only convenient, but it’s also sleek and adds a touch of sophistication to your outdoor kitchen or living area. The responsible design also includes a locking door to protect your favorite cold beverages from pests, children and the elements. Enjoy the same style and reliable performance as your Summerset grill by ordering a 24″ 6.6c Deluxe Outdoor Rated Kegerator to complete your outdoor entertaining collection.

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24″ Deluxe Outdoor Rated Kegerator W/ Single Tap Tower

Summerset 6.6 Cube UL Kegerator W/Single Tap Features Take your outdoor space to the next level with the Summerset UL Kegerator w/Single Tap, bringing cold refreshment on tap for the next big game, celebration, or just for your own enjoyment.


Model NumberSSRFR-DK1
Cutout Dimensions25″(W) x 34-1/2″(H) x 24″(D)
Finish#304 Stainless Steel, Black (Body)
Storage Capacity
6.6 Cubic Feet
UL CertifiedUL Certified for Outdoor Use
Temperature Control TypeAdjustable Digital Thermostat
Locking FeatureFactory Installed Security Lock
Shelf TypeHeavy-duty, Adjustable Wire Shelving
Lighting FeaturesInterior Halogen Lighting

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