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Why Nicolock

Nicolock Paving Stones has been a leading manufacturer and retailer of premium hardscape supplies for more than 50 years. Led by CEO and president Roberto Nicolia, Nicolock Paving Stones has invested millions into the most technologically advanced manufacturing equipment available that allows us to produce paving stones and other hardscape products that consistently exceed the industry’s standards. At Nicolock Paving Stones, we believe that quality counts and are committed to bringing you the best quality products so you and your family can enjoy a lifetime of memories. Many of our products come backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty.

Nicolock Paving Stones is more than just a manufacturer or supplier of hardscape products. Through our network of trusted contractors, we’re able to help customers design and build the outdoor living areas of their dreams, whether they’re looking to redo their backyard or find a commercial hardscape solution. We also offer tips on how to clean Nicolock pavers and much more in our blog. We are 100 percent U.S. owned and operated, with design centers and authorized dealers in several U.S. states. Visit Nicolock Paving Stones’ website to find a location near you.

About Us

Why Nicolock

We’ve invested millions in the most technologically advanced manufacturing equipment available to produce hardscape products that exceed the standards of the industry and those of the most discriminating buyer.

This state-of-the-art equipment provides us with our paver-shield™ technology, offering surface protection and rich color throughout our pavers. Using select materials, our rigorous attention to quality-control during the entire manufacturing process guarantees product consistency and allows us to offer you a lifetime warranty on our products. Respectfully,

Roberto Nicolia

CEO / President, Nicolock Paving Stones

A Legacy of Innovation

For more than 50 years Nicolock has been trusted to help homeowners like you in achieving their perfect home. From technological advances such as our paver-shield™ technology, to our advanced color blending technique, Nicolock has continued to lead the way in the production and supply of quality concrete products.

We are also proud to say that we are 100% U.S. owned and operated.

About Us

a lifetime of memories

We are committed to bringing you the best quality products so that you and your family can enjoy a lifetime of memories.

With almost 1,000 different combinations of shape, color and texture, Nicolock has the broadest selection of products in the industry to satisfy every hardscape need.

We stay ahead of the field by continuously introducing new, trend-setting products to our customers. By following design trends both here and overseas, we’re able to maintain our position as a market leader.

We have such high confidence in the quality of our products that we back them up with a transferable limited lifetime guarantee.

We're Local

Nicolock facilities, retailers and contractors cover the Mid- Atlantic and Northeast regions of the United States and are always “close to home.” We have manufacturing facilities on Long Island, New Jersey, Maryland and Connecticut, as well as, strategically placed distribution centers. We pride ourselves on our responsive service, terrific product availability and superior on-time delivery.

About Us

our color technology

Need inspiration for that elegant front entry or backyard paradise? Just take a look at Nicolock pavers and wall systems. We have more colors, and more life than anyone in the industry. Our products are warm and vibrant the moment they arrive at your home and will stay looking that way year after year.

Our superior color blending means that your finished project will have variegated tones, not defined blotches here and there. We minimize the risk for a bad installation with our proprietary manufacturing technology and unmatched color blending. Unlike some of our competitors, our color extends through the entire paver, not just the surface layer, ensuring the most vibrant color available in the market!

About Us


We manufacture several variations of eco-friendly paving products, allowing storm water to percolate back into the soil. And since all of our hardscaping products are made from natural materials, they can be recycled at the end of their very long life like glass, metal, and plastic.

About Us

the paver-shield™ difference

Nicolock’s patented paver-shield™ manufacturing process delivers a paver surface that is tight and dense, not coarse and grainy like some other products. More importantly, paver-shield™ ensures that the aggregate needed to give the paver its strength is never exposed, giving you years of “it looks like new” enjoyment. And, all Nicolock pavers have color from top to bottom, ensuring a lifetime of beauty and protection. Iron oxide pigments are guaranteed not to fade.

About Us

professionals you can trust

Nicolock Hardscape Pro Contractors have been pre-screened to make sure that the best products get the best installation. Locate one through our online locator at

Our sales representatives are industry certified and experts in the field of hardscaping. They serve as technical advisors to all of our customers, including retailers, contractors, design professionals and homeowners.

About Us