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Revolutionize Your Outdoor Cooking Experience

The Nantucket Kitchen Island has revolutionized outdoor cooking and outdoor living spaces. Engineered with paving stone panels, the Nantucket Kitchen Island from Nicolock places a beautiful, durable, and functional outdoor kitchen in your backyard. This product is perfect for families who love to enjoy the outdoors and entertain friends and family.

We can customize the Nantucket Kitchen Island letting homeowners add any build-in appliance or cooking features they want. The island can be built in less than a day and utilize our selection of stone paver designs, colors and styles that you want. You can customize the look of your island to match the surrounding stonework to create a uniform look to your outdoor living space.

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Nantucket Kitchen Island

We are changing the way outdoor kitchens are built. Engineered stone panels make it possible to have the outdoor kitchen of your dreams in one day. This system gives you the flexibility of using our grill and door combinations you can customize with other accessories.

Choose your Texture

Barn Wood*
Ledge Stone
Stacked Stone

Choose your Color

Biscotti Tan
NY Bluestone
Weathered Wood

Choose your Top



Without TopWith TopLBS / Pallet
35" x 84" x 41"36½ " x 86" Horizontal1,000


• 1 Back Panel
• 1 Front Panel
• 4 Corners
• 2 End Panels (Side)
• Top
• Drop Cloth / Sheet Protector
• 32″ Sizzler Pro Grill cutout dimensions:30-5/8″ (W) x 8-1/2″ (H) x 20-3/4″ (D)
• 30″ Double Access Door cutout dimensions : 30-1/4″ (W) x 19-1/4″ (H) x n/a (D)
• 1 Strap
• 1 Bag of PMG-2
• 2 Tubes of adhesive


• 2 Horizontal Panels
• 4 Corners
• 2 End Panels ( Sides)
• Top
• Drop Cloth / Sheet Protector
• 1 Strap
• 1 Bag of PMG-2
• 2 Tubes of Adhesive

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