The Stonegate Contemporary Pier Kit from Nicolock Paving Stones contains everything you need to add one or two piers to your wall. The kit contains all the materials needed to make (1) 20″ x 20″ x 60″ pier or (2) 20″ x 20″ x 30″ piers, so you can choose a pier size based on your wall and installation. Stonegate Granite Pier Kits come in all of the same colors as Stonegate Contemporary Stone Walls for seamless integration. A flat pier cap completes the design and offers the perfect place to showcase a potted plant, install a light or elevate your favorite piece of outdoor décor.

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Stonegate® Contemporary Pier

A pier is a vertical stone structure that is designed to add strength to a freestanding wall. Piers are thicker, taller and stronger than the surrounding wall structures, adding not only strength, but style to the finished design. Give your Stonegate® Contemporary Stone Wall added strength and the perfect finishing touch by adding a Stonegate Contemporary Pier to the design.

With a pallet you can make: One – 20″x 20″x 60″ or Two – 20″x 20″x 30″ or One – 30″x 30″ x 30″ pier


Adobe Blend
Chesapeake Blend*
Crab Orchard Blend
Golden Brown Blend
Granite City Blend
Graphite Pearl Blend*
Oceanic Blue*
Oyster Blend
South Bay Blend
Westchester Blend

* Premium Color
** Deluxe Color


 Cap*3"12"/10"11"66 l.f722,033
*cap sold separately