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Capstones provide a clean, finished look to walls and steps. A stone wall will not only look better when topped with a capstone, it will also become more durable. That is because wall caps help protect the walls under them from rain, snow and the elements.

Retaining wall caps can be used for retaining walls, of course, but stone wall caps are also ideal for freestanding walls and steps. If you’re looking for caps to finish your outdoor stone project with a classic look, consider the Colonial Caps from Nicolock.

Made in America in our advanced manufacturing facilities, these freestanding and retaining wall capstones make handsome and versatile wall coping. They help define outdoor walls and provide a traditional look around yards, patio beds, gardens, steps and outdoor dining areas.

The double-sided hard-split face texture of these capstones means you can install them in any direction. Choose from a variety of sizes to suit your project.

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Colonial Cap

Offered in a hard-split rock face finish on two sides. Corners can be split into trapezoid shapes suitable for Colonial Wall Systems but also compatible with any Nicolock Wall.
3"h x variable length units
Double-sided capstone
Hard-split rock face texture
108 Linear feet per pallet


Adobe Blend
Cappuccino Blend
Chesapeake Blend*
Crab Orchard Blend
Fire Island Blend
Golden Brown Blend
Granite City Blend
Graphite Pearl Blend *
Oyster Blend
South Bay Blend
Westchester Blend

* Premium Color
** Deluxe Color


  3"9"12½" 40 
  3"12"12½" 40 
  3"15"12½" 20 
 Corner *3"15"12½" 20 
Total    108 3,766

*Sold Separately