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Besides offering structural support for walls in an outdoor living space, piers provide definition and a solid, substantial look. Made in the U.S. at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, Kodah Piers from Nicolock are built to provide exceptional looks and durability.

Whether used in a commercial space or in a private homeowner setting, the multiple textures of these pier blocks provide a random look for your finished project. You can go with one color for a uniform look. If you prefer to step out from the crowd, consider creating piers with multiple colors.

These corner blocks are used to build a pier. Each set builds one 32″ by 32″ x 36″ pier.

Coping stones and pier caps provide a great way to top off a pier with a clean, neat and finished look. We make matching pier caps, sold separately, that will provide your hardscaping project with a pier and pier cap that will give it an impressive look.

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Kodah Pier

Corner blocks are used to build the pier. The cap provides the finishing touch as well as additional landscape lighting possibilities. Pier Cap sold separately.
Corner blocks are used to build the pier
Multiple textures provide a random look for your finished project
Cap provides a finishing touch, as well as additional lighting possibilities
Builds 1 : 32"x 32"x 36" pier

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York Brown


*Sold Seperately