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Contractor Resources

Resources for Lawn and Outdoor Contractors

Being a landscaping contractor relies on quality work and word of mouth to grow – or, at a minimum, maintain – your business. The difficulty isn’t so much in providing quality to create outdoor living spaces your customers want but doing it in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Learn how to balance these moving pieces and expand your business at our one-stop Contractor Resources page. Give your customers one-of-a-kind options and inspirations for the outdoor living space by referencing our Mobile Design Center. Sometimes, the best presentations, brochures and handouts won’t win over a client; there’s a large difference between seeing a product on a page and inspecting it in your hands. That’s why we’ll bring the products right to you when you book an event with us. Browse and select from our full inventory of Nicolock paving stones to transform any patio, walkway or outdoor kitchen, and we’ll bring our newest innovative products to review and select. Simplify the process of turning clients’ visions into reality. You can learn all about our paving stones and Paver-Shield™ options on our Products page; discover all the information about your options to create breathtaking landscaping walls, piers, garden walkways, driveways and more. Download our catalogs here to learn more about available colors, textures and sizes to decide what’s right for each project. An easy way to boost your brand and help spread word-of-mouth reviews is to sit and work side by side with your clients. Make things easy and relaxed by downloading our available PDFs on the Sales Material page and starting fruitful conversations. These brochures illustrate everything from stylish environmental pavers and circles and pavers to outdoor dining and outdoor living options. Being able to show potential clients the many options and styles to choose from, as well as explaining the Nicolock manufacturing process to guarantee durability and longevity, can help close deals and get your next project started. Discover what possibilities await you and your clients today. If you’re ready to take the next step up for your business, click on our Hardscape Pro page. You’ll learn about the Nicolock Hardscape Pro program, which provides education, sales training and support tools to take your business to the next level. With our program, you’ll be able to:
  • Boost your sales
  • Carve out your niche for marketing
  • Increase reach and engagement for your advertising efforts
By expanding your offerings to clients, you can increase sales and be the one-stop-shop contractor for landscaping and hardscaping. Our materials make it easier for you to have the education and resources you need to deliver quality work on tighter deadlines. We know you’re busy, so we’ve created our Contractor Forms page to make your life easier. This time-saving Contractor Forms page provides a streamlined process to learn about financing options, co-op marketing and much more. Fill in one quick form, check off your preferences and we’ll do the rest to get you started.

Mobile Design Center

Nicolock is taking its annual vendor presentation on the road with an innovative “mobile design center” that features Nicolock’s latest products.

Contractor forms

We offer new finance options, a hardscape pro program for top contractors, and new ways to promote your business so you can take advantage of our co-op marketing opportunities.


Discover stylish options for upgrading your outdoor living spaces at Nicolock Paving Stones. This product lineup offers endless options for creating inviting, beautiful and practical enhancements to any residential or commercial property

Sales Materials

Download brochure PDFs for various Nicolock products to make it easier for you to win  jobs with our product offerings

Nicolock Finance

Love Nicolock and want to find out where to buy our pavers, retaining walls, and outdoor living products?

Hardscape Pro

Join the Nicolock Hardscape Pro network and take your business to the next level. Our program includes education, sales training and all the support tools you need.