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Dimplex Long Wave DIR Heater

Impress dinner guests with more than a warm meal. The Dimplex DLW outdoor/indoor radiant heater is perfect for warming both homeowners and patrons alike – ideal for sitting areas and dining spaces. The DLW can be wall or ceiling-mounted and even comes with poles that can be installed to adjust the height of your heater. This high-end outdoor/indoor heater allows social gatherings to continue into the night and even into the next season.
Effective radiant heat that warms like the sun, heating people and objects with zero glare
Silent, maintenance free operation
IP 55 rated, weather-proof construction allows year-round enjoyment
Designed for permanent hardwired installations on a dedicated 240V circuit


X-DLW1500B121500W / 120VBlack
X-DLW2400B242400W / 240VBlack
X-DLW3200B243200W / 240VBlack
X-DLW1500W121500W / 120VWhite
X-DLW2400W242400W / 240VWhite
X-DLW3200W243200W / 240VWhite