With English Pattern stones, you can add exquisite looks to your home and landscape without the traditional weight and maintenance requirements of solid stone. These pallets of natural stone overlays include several sizes of straight and corner pieces to create the classic English tile pattern. These veneers are made with natural variations in size and shape for an organic, natural appearance.

Our English Pattern wall veneers can be used indoors or outdoors. Cover your entire home in bold, colorful stones or use them to enhance entertaining areas, fireplaces and garden walls. Each crate contains 120 square feet of easy-to-install natural stone veneers. Choose from several colorful patterns for a calming or energetic appearance.

The English Pattern collection from StonehengeUS at Nicolock Paving Stones is made in the U.S. for a lasting impact. Your home will feel more inviting and will have elevated curb appeal with the professional help of a local dealer.

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English Pattern

Cover all or part of your home with the gorgeous, lasting look of natural stone with low-maintenance English Pattern stones by StonehengeUS at Nicolock Paving Stones.
Natural Stone
Easy Install
Interior / Exterior
Straights : 5 LF/ Box
Flats : 120 Sq ft crate



* Premium Color
** Deluxe Color