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Use Natural Ledgestone from Nicolock Paving Stones by StonehengeUS to decorate the exterior or interior of your home with a timeless look. Ledgestone tiles are the best way to enjoy the look of genuine stone without excess weight. You can install these Natural Ledgestone panels around fireplaces or give your entire house the appearance of stone construction. The beautiful colors of Natural Ledgestone, such as Sterling, Pembrey and Golden Honey, add instant curb appeal.

StonehengeUS Natural Ledgestone panels are strong and durable with a simple Z-joint design that allows panels to interlock for a seamless fit so the joint is nearly invisible. Straight, flat and corner pieces in varying sizes let you complete each section without gaps. Visit our blog to learn more about decorating your landscape.

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Natural Ledgestone

Give your interior or exterior the look of real stone with these Z-joint ledgestone tiles that have a seamless fit for fireplaces, walls and siding.
Natural Stone
Easy Install
Interior / Exterior
Flats: 6" (H) x 16" (L)
Corners: 6" (H) x 16" (L) x 8" Return
Straights: 6" (H) x 24"(L) x ¾"

Choose your color

Golden Honey



*12 pieces make 6 corners