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SF-RIMA Environmental Pavers from Nicolock Paving Stones include all the eco-friendly features you could want with an abundance of rich style. The paving stones have chamfered edges for a real stone feel and a smooth, flat surface that’s easy to walk, drive or ride on. Integrated 1/2-inch gaps between stones create approximately 10 percent open surface area, helping to handle heavy rains and promote better drainage. SF-RIMA paving stones are sold by the pallet and each pallet covers approximately 91 square feet.

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Do your part to help the environment by choosing SF-RIMA® Environmental Pavers from Nicolock Paving Stone. Designed to look and feel like natural stone, SF-RIMA paving stones are engineered to allow water to percolate through when it rains. That means that rainwater is returned to the soil and the aquifer rather than running off into storm drains and sewers. Choosing eco-friendly pavers can also help you maximize your property, by creating paved, permeable areas that meet local requirements as well as your own unique needs.

Flat surface
91 square feet per pallet
Chamfered edges
Disability Act (ADA) Compliant
½″ gaps create approximately 10% open surface area


Golden Brown Blend
Granite City Blend

* Premium Color
** Deluxe Color


ColCob Norm
Stacked Bonded