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Choosing an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

August 13, 2019

Whether you’re entertaining friends and family or just enjoying a relaxing evening under the stars, there’s nothing like the warmth of a fire. What’s more, a fire pit or fireplace can enhance your lifestyle and extend your outdoor enjoyment well into the colder months. And while both offer different features and benefits, a well-thought-out fireplace or fire pit is not only warm and welcoming but can act as a focal point. Whatever your choice, you’re sure to enjoy it for years to come.

What’s best for you?

Choosing a fireplace or fire pit can add value to your home, while creating the perfect ambiance for your outdoor living space. However, before making your choice, it’s important to consider how you plan on using it. Will you be entertaining a large group, or will it be for small gatherings? Do you envision a formal setting or perhaps informal, like family and friends gathering around a campfire? Will it be used for cooking or more of an architectural feature in your backyard?

A Nicolock fire pit provides the best in form and function.

Our fire pit packages come in a variety of shapes, colors and textures and are designed for easy installation and seamless integration, enhancing both the look and functionality of your outdoor living space. Once you choose your style and color, the rest is easy – select your burn type, either wood, smoke-less or gas, then select from various available options, like inserts, grates, lids and more.

Here’s a look at Nicolock’s options built to suit your taste and style:

Serafina Fire Pit

Beautifully designed and available in a variety of packages and colors, a Serafina fire pit provides a charming focal point for entertaining family and friends.

Color: Adobe Blend with Bluestone Coping
For more information click here: Serafina Details

Belvedere Fire Pit

The natural textures and colors of the Belvedere seamlessly fit together with every Nicolock stone.

Color: Bluestone, Bluestone Coping
For more information click here: Belvedere Details

Verona Fire Pit

Complement your patio with the sleek look of the Verona fire pit. Easy to install, the Verona will complement any backyard or patio design.

Color: Granite City Blend, Bluestone coping
For more information click here: Verona Details

Ovation Fire Pit

Easily installed, the Ovation can create warmth and ambiance making every season the season for the Ovation.

Color: NY Bluestone
For more information click here: Ovation Details

Encore Fire Pit

The Encore will quickly become the favorite place for family and friends to gather – perfect anywhere you install it.

Color: NY Bluestone
For more information click here: Encore Details

Enhance your outdoor living space with a Nicolock Fireplace.

Ideal for relaxing alone or warming up with friends and family, a Nicolock fireplace is designed with structure and style and built to add a special architectural element to your backyard. Plus, they can be a stunning main feature, act as a way divide your space and add privacy. A Nicolock fireplace is the perfect complement to any patio or outdoor living space.

Verona Fireplace

With its classic looks and attention to detail, the Verona fireplace has it all, containing everything you’ll need to construct a stunning fireplace.

Color: Adobe Blend
For more information click here: Verona Details

Mini Verona Fireplace

Enjoy warmth all season long. With its good looks and sturdy design, the Mini Verona fireplace is built to complement any patio or backyard.

Color: Granite City Blend
For more information click here: Mini Verona Details

Kalea Bay Fireplace

Elegance, ambiance and function are the hallmarks of our stunning Kalea Bay fireplace. Perfect for entertaining or when you prefer a personal place to retreat and relax.


Color: Granite City Blend
For more information click here: Kalea Bay

Brilliant Color by Nicolock.

At Nicolock, manufacturing rich, vibrant colors is both art and science. Keeping our eye on innovative color trends and unique blends is all in a day’s work. In fact, no one blends color like Nicolock. We take color blending to a whole new level by smoothing out hues and eliminating lines. Nicolock blends have variegated tones, not spotty blotches that you see in lesser manufactured pavers. What’s more, we offer the widest variety of color choices from rustic to contemporary. We have a color palette to complement every home.

Vibrant color starts with our patented manufacturing process:

A unique mix of deep color and durability.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process ensures that all of our quality materials are precisely measured to create a consistent, durable base mix. During this process, iron oxide bonds with cement molecules resulting in the most vibrant color seen throughout each paver. Once our base mix is created, ultra-fine sand, Portland cement and additional color come together to create our unique paver-shield™ technology.

The result; a tight, smooth surface texture combined for superior color, strength and beauty that will last a lifetime!

For the best in color, quality and style - look no further than Nicolock.

Visit today.

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