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Retaining Wall Landscaping: Where Form Meets Function

April 7, 2020

Retaining wall landscaping is a win-win for a homeowner. Not only do they look beautiful, but they are functional, too. With decorative landscape walls from Nicolock, you can create the outdoor living design of your dreams.

The Value of Decorative Retaining Walls

Retaining wall landscaping is one of the more popular hardscape projects today, because it can enhance a residential property in so many ways.

5 Benefits of Retaining Walls

  1. Functional support that holds soil in place
  2. Slows water runoff that can lead to flooding
  3. Limits erosion
  4. Lasts a long time
  5. Can replace unsightly dirt piles and hilly terrain

Retaining Wall Landscaping Solutions from Nicolock

Nicolock’s retaining walls come in a wide variety of colors and styles, creating an infinite number of outdoor design possibilities. Popular styles, like Alta Wall and Colonial Wall, can create barriers that protect and enhance your outdoor living space for years to come.

Alta Wall

Alta Wall is a versatile retaining wall that works well in many types of residential landscape designs. With tapered inside and outside curves, these Nicolock paving stones are easy to install and offer freedom to create a design you will fall in love with. Alta Wall is also a go-to retaining wall landscaping solution for hardscape professionals, because it features a hollow core and rear lip connection.

Everloc 810 Express Wall

Everloc™ 810 Express Wall is a lightweight, one-square-foot retaining wall system. Its dress joints and radius edges are often used to create a three-piece, random appearance from one basic shape. Everloc™ hollow core design and unique locking mechanism makes installation quick and easy. It is a user-friendly system with little to no saw cutting needed due to its cutting-edge corner and utility combo design.

Firma Wall

The Firma Wall is a segmented retaining wall that has a natural split-face texture. Its classic lines are the perfect complement for any natural or architectural landscape. Nicolock’s Firma Wall uses a solid block with tapered sides to add rich color to a retaining wall landscaping project.

Keystone Compac III Straight Split

The Keystone Compac III Straight Split can do it all with its vertical or battered setback construction options. The shape of these Nicolock paving stones allows for tight radius curves and vertical core alignments. The natural stone appearance and rich colors of the Compac III can be the perfect complement for any type of residential setting.

Colonial Wall

Our Colonial Walls are available in different styles and heights, which can be used to create both landscape and seat walls. The dual functionality of these types of retaining walls can provide added value to an outdoor living project.

5-Foot Colonial Wall

Nicolock’s 5-foot Colonial Wall is a double-sided wall system with tapered sides. Its tongue-and-groove connection system may be installed vertical or with a 1-½-inch setback.

6-Foot Colonial Wall

Our Colonial Wall is also made in a taller size, which is a good option for seat walls. This style of wall system, which may be built in a variety of lengths, features a hard-split rock face texture and tapered sides.

A retaining wall landscaping project is not just a cosmetic upgrade, it is an investment in your property. Even years after the project is completed, Nicolock’s pavers with paver-shield technology will continue to look as good as the day the walls were built.

If you are considering an outdoor hardscape project for your house, get inspired today.