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Concrete Driveway Pavers Wow your Friends and Neighbors

April 8, 2020

Homeowners today are lucky to have tons of hardscape options available to them when planning out a new project. You may choose between different substances, like concrete and cobblestone, and then find the right style, size and color to accent your home. No matter what your vision is for your driveway, one thing remains clear: concrete driveway pavers are the superior hardscape solution.

Long-Lasting Concrete Paving Stones Look Lovely

Concrete paving stones, like Nicolock’s paver-shield technology™, not brick or cobblestone, is the material of choice for hardscape home projects. These types of pavers are made from concrete that has been molded into the shape and style of a brick. Concrete driveway pavers typically have more longevity than clay bricks, lasting up to 25 to 50 years, and more strength than solid concrete slabs.

Top Types of Concrete Driveway Pavers Available from Nicolock

Not only are Nicolock pavers rich and vibrant, they provide the best all-weather pavement solution. About three times stronger than poured concrete, our pavers are flexible enough to prevent breaking, rutting or heaving. Unlike asphalt and other surfaces, Nicolock products are virtually maintenance-free.

paver-shield™ Pavers

Nicolock’s paver-shield™ technology is perfect for a residential driveway. It has a tight, smooth surface texture and will not expose heavy aggregate as the stones wear. The ultra-dense surface provides more color and more protection, ensuring a lifetime of beauty. With iron oxide pigments that are guaranteed not to fade, homeowners enjoy the very best in color, strength and beauty.

Toscana Series Pavers

Nicolock’s Toscana Series provides exceptional quality with the elegant look of naturally aged stone. Its superior color and textured edges add the element of old-world charm. These types of driveway pavers can come in multi-size rectangular shapes, which can be used to create the pattern of your choice.

Environmental Paving Stones

Nicolock has several variations of eco-friendly paving stones. These products let storm water percolate back into the soil rather than run off into sewers or waterways. Environmental paving stones are useful in helping homeowners meet government requirements for a permeable surface area.

  • Eco-Ridge
  • Eco-Tre
  • Turfstone

As you plan your home hardscape project, consider the advantages of concrete driveway pavers. For any size or shape driveway, Nicolock has a wide variety of colorful, durable and long-lasting paving stones that will make your home look beautiful for generations.