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Creating Elegant Outdoor Entertaining Spaces for all Seasons

April 13, 2020

When you have the perfect patio, backyard fun doesn’t have to stop after Labor Day. With outdoor living features, like cooking islands, fireplaces and fire pits, you can have a beautiful outdoor entertaining space that makes for memorable holiday get-togethers.

Simple Ideas for Striking Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

Creating an elegant area for outdoor entertaining is easier than you might think. With Nicolock’s vibrant, durable paving stones, you can mix and match colors and shapes to create unique and interesting designs for every part of your backyard.


The first step to creating a great outdoor entertaining space is picking out the right style and color of paving stones for your patio.

From Nicolock’s paver-shield™ pavers to our Toscana Series Pavers, we have colorful stones — ranging from rustic to contemporary — to choose from when creating your own personal outdoor oasis.

Then, you can add other stone elements to the project to make your backyard even more inviting.

Paving Stone Enhancements to Consider

Outdoor Dining

Now that you have the basics down, it’s time to get to the fun stuff: outdoor dining.

Custom patio elements, like a Nantucket Kitchen Island or the Verona Wood Fired Oven, can really make your outdoor entertaining space feel homey.

Then at your next party, you can have the flexibility to cook hot hors d’oeuvres outside on a wintery day.

Outdoor Living

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than sitting around a fire sharing stories with friends. It’s one of those traditions that makes the holidays, the holidays.

By adding a Nicolock fire pit or fireplace to your home, you can extend that tradition to larger outdoor holiday gatherings.

From cooking s’mores in the summer to warming hands in the winter, these elegant accents are often one of the most popular parts of an outdoor entertaining space.

Create a Personal Outdoor Oasis with Nicolock

Creating an elegant outdoor entertaining space you can use year-round is an exciting project.

From the types of stones to wall systems to fire pits, Nicolock has all the stone products you need to create a beautiful backyard oasis. Our patented paver-shield™ technology features a smooth, ultra-dense surface that ensures their rich, vibrant colors last a lifetime.

For the best in color, quality and style – look no further than Nicolock.