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How To Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Room to Get You Outside

May 13, 2020

Are you wondering how you can get outside while also continuing to abide by social distancing guidelines? Try transforming your outdoor space into the perfect outdoor living room. No matter your budget or yard size restrictions, you can create the best outdoor sanctuary for yourself. Check out our great tips to get yourself living outdoors more.

Four Ways to Create your Own Outdoor Living Room

1. Add seating

To fully create the perfect outdoor living room, you’ll need a place to sit and relax. Adding patio furniture to your yard gives you a place to relax and enjoy your outdoor space. When you add multiple seating sections, it can make your yard seem larger and help to create multiple areas for you to entertain at. You can even incorporate seats right into your landscape wall. By using a colonial wall or Stone Gate wall, from Nicolock Paving Stone, you can create seats that’ll survive all weather conditions and add functionality to your yard.

2. Add lighting

You’ll want to be able to sit outside at any point of the day, whether it’s light out or not. An inexpensive way to give your outdoor living room light is to add string lights or torches. Adding light can be inexpensive and can create a nice ambiance for your outdoor space.

3. Make the most of floor space

Don’t worry if your area isn’t big enough for full patio furniture, adding blankets, cushions, footstools, and a comfy chair or two to your yard can create a cozy area for friends and family to lounge at. By adding different patterned items, you can add color to your space as well.

4. Add Shade

It’s great to be out in the sun, but sometimes the sun can be too much. Add some shade to your outdoor living room with either an umbrella or pergola. This will add design and function, so you can spend the entire day outdoors without a worry.

Create the perfect outdoor sanctuary for yourself by adding a few personal touches to your outdoor yard. Your space doesn’t need to be big or have expensive furniture in it for you to have an outdoor living room that suits your needs. Give yourself a place to hang outside and get some fresh air while everyone is self-quarantining.

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