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Turn Your Backyard into an Outdoor Kitchen with a Stone Grill Island

September 1, 2020

Nothing’s better than enjoying the warm weather of summer and grilling up a delicious meal for friends and family to enjoy. Don’t just settle for any grill though. Get a beautiful stone grill island. With this type of grill, you’ll turn your yard into an outdoor living kitchen you’ll never want to leave. Check out some of these great designs you might want to consider.

Fun Designs for Stone Grill Islands

The Classic Island

With a simple stone grill island, you’ll add prep room, a serving area and a great space to entertain. Try adding a raised counter so grilling and prep can be separated from socializing!

The Angular Look

If you’re looking to add extra design to your yard and stand out from the rest, make your stone grill island angular. These are versatile, fit a lot of people and will add a fun aesthetic to your yard.

The Classic L-Shape

You can never go wrong with the L-shape stone grill island. This design will add elegance and function. You can have your grill on one side and a bar top for your friends and family to sit at on the other. You can even add a fridge and an icemaker to give yourself extra conveniences. Weatherproof outdoor cabinets can provide a handy place to store outdoor kitchen utensils.

The U-Shape Configuration

If you have multiple appliances you want to add, this is the design for you. In addition to fitting an extra-large grill in this design, you can include a refrigerator, sink, prep area, seating area and separate bar top for everyone to gather around.

The Benefits of Having an Outdoor Kitchen

With an outdoor kitchen you’ll have more convenience to host your guests, and you’ll never have to leave the party once it’s time to cook. You can also save money by not eating out because you’ll never want to leave your own backyard.

Of course, one of the best things about a BBQ for outdoor kitchen use is you won’t heat up your home when the weather is hot and you’ll have fresh air as you cook. A built-in grill also means you won’t have the hassle of moving a grill around.

Outdoor grill islands mean you can get right down to business, and everyone knows grills for outdoor kitchens will produce the most mouthwatering meals. Outdoor kitchen islands provide all the benefits of indoor kitchen islands, letting you prep and cook comfortably while socializing with friends and families.

With Nicolock Paving Stones, you’ll be able to choose the perfect pavers and design to make sure you have an outdoor kitchen that fits your exact needs. If you want to spend as much time as you can in the fresh air, contact Nicolock Paving Stones to start designing your very own stone grill island today. Our industry-certified sales reps will be happy to help you design an outdoor kitchen and answer all your questions, whether you are wondering about outdoor kitchen designs, grills for outdoor kitchens or the best outdoor kitchen cabinet. Whether you are thinking about a DIY outdoor kitchen or want to hire a contractor to do the work, they can provide you some smart outdoor kitchen ideas to beautify your outdoor dining space while elevating the fun factor for you, your family and friends.

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