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Backyard Fire Pit Area Ideas – Nicolock Paving Stones

October 1, 2020

Summer may have ended and the cool weather has officially settled in, but that doesn't mean you have to always be chilly when you head outside. When you have a backyard fire pit area, no matter what time of the year it is, you'll always have a great place to cozy up to. The long months of always having to stay inside to keep warm are long over!

Backyard fire pits will also take the chill off whenever there's an unseasonably cool summer night. And when the fire is out, you can use the fire pit ring to set beverages or kick your feet up. In other words, a unique backyard fire pit can provide year-round function and style.

If you're thinking of adding a fire pit, our patio fire pit guide has everything you need to know. Here are some of the options for installing an outdoor fire pit and ways you can customize it so the structure perfectly complements your hardscape or landscape.

Different Fire Pit Designs to Keep You Warm

No matter what design or aesthetic you're looking to add to your yard, Nicolock Paving Stones has the perfect fire pit for everyone. Whether your yard is large or small, we'll make sure your new fire pit fits seamlessly into your yard.

Not all fire pits are the same - nor are their shapes. Most backyard fire pits are either round, square or some variation. Let's look at the benefits of each fire pit shape.

Round-Shaped Fire Pits

This shape is great for sitting around with friends and family and having great conversations all night long. Putting chairs along the outskirts will encourage people to sit down for hours, forget the time of night and just converse. Check out the Ovation Fire Pit, Belvedere Fire Pit or Serafina Fire Pit that we offer at Nicolock. Customize each fire pit to your specifications with our vast selection of natural materials and combinations. You can make it a perfect circle or go with octagons and irregular shapes that add a bit of character.

Square-Shaped Fire Pits

A square-shaped fire pit will give your yard that sophisticated, high-end look. They also fit formal and structured gardens and patios much better than other shaped fire pits do. Between our Verona Fire Pit and Encore Fire Pit found at Nicolock, you'll be able to create a space for your yard that anyone who enters will be envious of. A rectangle fire pit such as the Triumph or the SG Grande is a good choice for long, narrow outdoor living spaces where you want a proportional fit.

3 Ways to Customize a Unique Backyard Fire Pit Area

When it comes to your yard, the more unique it is to you, the more you'll enjoy it. There are a few ways you can customize your backyard fire pit area that will make anyone who visits sad to leave.

1. Add Seating

This may seem obvious, but it's also the most important tip: add seating. Having comfortable seating around your fire pit will encourage family and friends to take a seat and just enjoy the outdoors and company around them. Nothing beats time spent around the fire pit with friends and family. Make sure to get fire pit seating made of powder-coated steel or other materials that can resist harsh weather.

2. Keep it Separate from the Chaos

Keeping your fire pit area away from swimming pools, swing sets, dinner tables, etc. will allow anyone who sits there to completely relax. Nothing is better than chilling by the fire without a worry in the world.

3. Keep it Cozy

Studies show that being exposed to a fire and the sound of flames for just 15 minutes can help decrease a person's blood pressure and help them to relax. Complete that with comfortable pillows and blankets to create a great spot for unwinding and finishing each day off calm and tranquil.

Don't think that just because the summer has ended and the cold weather is coming means you have to spend all your time indoors. With a backyard fire pit area built by Nicolock Paving Stones, you'll be enjoying your time outdoors month after month. Find a local dealer to get started.

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