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How to Choose an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

November 9, 2022

During the warmer months, a patio, porch or backyard can offer a wonderful place for entertaining guests, socializing with friends or just kicking back and relaxing by yourself or with family members. But why limit your use of your home's great outdoors just to blue-sky days? A wood-burning outdoor fireplace, a propane outdoor fireplace or a fire pit can extend your seasons in the sun.

Besides warming you and everyone around you, a fire pit or fireplace offers other attractions. The woodsy smell of smoke will bring back happy memories of camping trips and family holidays. The flicker of the flames will cast a mesmerizing glow on the faces of everyone gathering around the fire. An attractive fireplace can beautify your yard or deck while adding value to your property. The right fire pit or fireplace can give you many more months of outdoor fun and many more years of service.

There is a huge assortment of fire pits and outdoor fireplaces on the market. At times, the choices can seem a little daunting. Here at Nicolock Paving Stones, we are happy to offer you a few pointers on selecting the best fireplace or fire pit for your home's outdoor environment.

Warm Designs

Before you begin your search, consider how you will be using the product you seek. How many people will typically be sitting fireside? Bigger groups will require a larger fire pit or fireplace. Space considerations will also apply. An outdoor fireplace for deck use, for instance, might be smaller than one set up by the pool or on a large patio. Also think about the type of atmosphere you are trying to create. Are you looking for something formal or would you prefer a more laid-back look and feel?

You should also consider your choice of fuel. Wood-burning fireplaces and fire pits will provide all the aspects of traditional fires, including wood smoke and flames. At the same time, you will need a place to store wood to feed the fire and will have to dispose of ash occasionally.

Gas fireplaces and fire pits provide a popular alternative to wood. These smokeless products are clean, efficient and easy to use.

You will also need to decide whether you want to go with an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit. In general, outdoor fireplaces are bigger and taller than fire pits. The fireplaces lend themselves to a more formal look, while fire pits tend to be better for informal gatherings.

Although fireplaces are usually bigger than fire pits, they generally can't accommodate as many people. Folks can sit all around a fire pit, just as they would around a campfire, but they can only in front of a fireplace. Fire pits tend to cost less than fireplaces, but they also generally produce less usable heat on those chilly days. Fireplaces come with chimneys to better dissipate smoke and gases.

Here at Nicolock, we carry an extensive lineup of the best fire pits and fireplaces. These items are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, making it easy to find exactly the right one to suit your style and space. Browse our pages, visit one of our stores or email us directly to find the perfect fireplace or fire pit to give your backyard a warm and welcoming atmosphere.