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Stepping Stones Create a Beautiful Backyard Oasis

November 9, 2022

If you are looking to beautify your backyard while protecting your landscape and adding to the value of your property, backyard stepping stones offer one of the simplest solutions. Even though it's one of the easiest hardscape projects, a new stepping stone path will bring you multiple benefits. As a top manufacturer of paving stones and stepping stones for more than 60 years, we here at Nicolock are happy to provide you some tips for how you can make your backyard paradise even more beautiful and inviting with outdoor stepping stones.

Smart Steps

Stepping stones for yard use offer many advantages. Lawn stepping stones offer a great alternative to solid walkways made of brick, concrete or other material. Available in a huge variety of colors, walkway stepping stones offer a beautiful contrast to a healthy green lawn. At the same time, stepping stones will help prevent visitors from trampling your grass. They will also allow rain to better run down into the earth, helping to prevent runoff that can be annoying and in some cases even damaging to your property.

If you grow flowers shrubs, vegetables or any other type of plants, stepping stones make a wise investment. Just as with your lawn, stepping stones for garden use will guide walkers away from your valuable plants. Patio stepping stones can lead folks to and from your patio. Stepping stones can also be used to guide visitors to the pool or a back or side door. Stepping stones for garden walkway use are available in a big variety of sizes and colors, letting you find exactly the right look to complement your green scene. Besides protecting your plants, stepping stones will help your guests, friends and family keep from getting their feet dirty or muddy. Many stepping stones come with nonslip surfaces, which will add to safety to your property.

Landscaping stepping stones can define your property or certain areas in your yard. They are wonderful for accenting water features like koi ponds and adding a visual complement by retaining walls, piers, coping and caps.

Limitless Creativity

A range of sizes and colors ensures you can get just the aesthetic you are looking for. Large stepping stones for walkway use will make a bold impression on guests and visitors. Smaller stones will deliver a subtler look and are ideal for tighter spaces.

Here at Nicolock, our years in the business means we offer the greatest selection in the industry. Our stepping stone pavers are available in a range of subtly attractive colors. Thanks to our paver-shield™ technology and advanced color blending processes used in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, these stepping stones are extremely durable. The color is warm, vibrant and consistent and will resist fading for years to come. We can help you find a contractor to make your dream of nirvana become a reality.