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How to Use a Searing Burner

April 27, 2023

A sear burner is a set of three to four high-output burners that are set closer together than other burners on your grill. This creates a special zone that gets ultra-hot, allowing you to get the perfect sear on all kinds of meats, locking in flavor and juices in minutes. While you could sear meats on the regular part of your grill, a searing burner works faster and works better.

What Is a Sear Burner?

Before you can learn how to use a sear burner, you need to know what it is. The sear burner is basically a set of three to four burners that are closer together than other burners on your grill. The point of that is to create a special zone that gets hotter, faster, allowing you to get a good sear. Can you sear on the regular part of your grill? Of course, but it will take longer and your results might not be as good as if you used a sear burner. If your grill doesn't have a side burner, you can buy one separately.

How to Use the Sear Burner

Using the sear burner is simple and with a few steps and a couple of helpful tips from the pros, you'll be a searing savant in no time.

Step 1.) Get the sear burner on the grill or sear zone screaming hot. It's important to start with a hot surface to get the perfect sear.

Step 2.) While the sear burner is heating up, season your meat if you haven't done so already.

Step 3.) Place the food you want to sear on the burner and cook each side for a few minutes. The time will vary depending on your grill or your sear burner.

Step 4.) Remove the food from the searing burner on the grill and finish it on the main part of the grill at a lower heat to complete the cooking process.

Reverse Sear

Searing locks in the juices before you cook your food, but an alternate method known as the reverse sear is gaining popularity because it gives a crisp finish and enhances the smoky grilled flavor of the food. For a reverse sear, food is cooked until it's almost done and is then finished on a super-hot burner, resulting in seared perfection.

Whether you prefer the standard sear or the reverse sear, you can perfect both techniques and become the grill master. Searing gives food an excellent taste and texture to food, so don't be afraid to experiment and try new things.