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How to Use a Searing Burner

April 27, 2023

Whether you've been crowned the grill master or are still a novice when it comes to the backyard barbecue, you can upgrade your grill game with a solid sear burner. Sear burners are becoming more and more mainstream, finding their way into the mid-range grill market. Where the side burner once reigned supreme, sear burners are quickly gaining in popularity, but using them might not be all that intuitive for some backyard BBQ chefs. Fortunately, Nicolock Paving Stones is here to help with some tips and tricks to help you learn how to use the sear burner like a pro.

What Is a Sear Burner?

Before you can learn how to use a sear burner, you need to know what it is. The sear burner is basically a set of three to four burners that are closer together than other burners on your grill. The point of that is to create a special zone that gets hotter, faster, allowing you to get a good sear. Can you sear on the regular part of your grill? Of course, but it will take longer and your results might not be as good as if you used a sear burner. If your grill doesn't have a side burner, you can buy one separately.

How to Use a Sear Burner

Using a sear burner is easy and with a few tricks, you can get a professional sear that rivals your favorite steakhouse.

Step 1.) Start your grill as you normally would. Open the lid, light the main burners and allow the grill to pre-heat. It's important to start with a hot grill.

Step 2.) Once the grill is good and hot, you'll want to either turn down or turn off the main burners before lighting the sear burner. This process will vary depending on the make and model of your grill. Allow the sear burner to warm up for 1-2 minutes.

Step 3.) Place the food you want to sear onto the sear burner. You'll want to sear each side for 1 to 4 minutes, depending on what you're cooking. You may need to experiment to find the right time for your grill.

Step 4.) Once the food is seared, move it to the main part of the grill where the heat is lower and complete the cooking process.

Reverse Sear

Searing food is a great way to get started cooking and to lock in the juices, but the reverse sear method is quickly gaining popularity because it delivers a crisp finish and a powerful grilled flavor. For a reverse sear, food is cooked almost to completion on the main part of the grill before being moved to the sear station to be finished. In many ways, the reverse sear can be more difficult than the traditional sear because it's very easy to overcook the food. When done right, the reverse sear will result in stunning grill marks and a pleasant, smoky finish.

Weather you prefer a traditional sear or a reverse sear, you can get the classic grill marks you love along with an excellent taste and texture by learning how to use the sear burner on your grill. Try experimenting with different foods and settings to master outdoor cooking.