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Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer BBQ Cookouts (Grills, Kitchens etc)

June 14, 2023

Get inspired with Nicolock Paving Stones and kick off grilling season the right way with some design inspiration and tips from the experts. We're here to help you get your backyard BBQ ready with tips ranging from creating a cozy patio to designing the perfect outdoor kitchen. Whether your budget is big or small, we can help you upgrade your outdoor dining area to impress your guests at your next summer BBQ cookout.


The patio is the heart of your outdoor living area and if you don't already have a patio, making room for one is a great place to start your backyard makeover. Make sure you've got a solid foundation for grilling, eating and outdoor fun by installing a paving stone patio in your backyard. For the best color and long-lasting beauty, consider using paver-shield™ paving stones by Nicolock Paving Stones, featuring long-lasting color and a fade-resistant finish. You can upgrade your patio design and customize it to your style with an inlay or circle kit. Play around with colors, patterns and special accents to create a unique patio space for you and your guests.

Patio Furniture

You can't have a backyard BBQ without plenty of seating. Comfort is key and when planning your backyard renovation, make sure you keep functionality in mind. A table and chair set will give guests a comfortable place to enjoy their favorite foods, play games and socialize. Be sure to add some more casual seating throughout the space with plenty of options to keep everyone happy.

Pavers Under Grill

The grill is the heart of the outdoor kitchen, so highlight it with new paving stones. Designing grill areas, kitchens, etc. is easy when you start with a little help from Nicolock Paving Stones. Our paver-shield™ paving stones are available in a range of colors to suit your decor and they won't fade in the hot summer sun. Choose paver-shield™ pavers in a variety of summer BBQ colors and add a border, inlay or circle to customize the space.

Upgrade the Grill

Grill design has come a long way in the last few years and you'll need a great grill if you plan on hosting a lot of summer BBQs. From a modern window grill design to a grill/smoker combo, there are plenty of options on the market. For a high-end look, choose a built-in grill to add to update your existing space or order a whole new outdoor dining kit to completely renovate the space. Freestanding grills are a more affordable option while an outdoor oven is a perfect addition to a grill for versatile cooking options.

Outdoor Kitchens

If your space (and budget) allows, an outdoor kitchen is a real show-stopper. Unlike a basic backyard BBQ pit, an outdoor kitchen offers all the conveniences you could possibly want in a weather-friendly package. From the built-in grill to the sinkto the mini fridge, you can build a backyard kitchen that works for you. Not sure where to begin? Check out our outdoor dining packages, available in several styles. Schedule a consult with a design expert at Nicolock Paving Stones to discuss your needs and to create your ideal outdoor kitchen for your backyard.

Get your backyard ready for summer BBQ cookouts with Nicolock Paving Stones. We have the patio products, grills and other outdoor dining essentials you need to make your next gathering a success.