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Modern Driveway Landscaping Ideas with Pavers

June 28, 2023

Make a great first impression on visitors and guests with a custom stone driveway featuring paver-shield™ or environmental paving stones from Nicolock Paving Stones. A paving stone driveway is a unique feature that will improve curb appeal and with the addition of an inlay, border or circle kit, you can make your home stand out. Modern driveway pavers have been popular for a while now and with the help of Nicolock Paving Stones, you can embrace your favorite driveway landscaping ideas and design a driveway that will help your home shine.

Need a little design inspiration? Nicolock is here to help with plenty of modern driveway ideas featuring all kinds of gorgeous driveway pavers. For a touch of old-world charm with a modern twist, consider Cobblestone. Another one of our favorite stone driveway ideas is adding a simple inlay or border. Environmental pavers work as well as a gravel driveway for drainage and add a special design element. Visit a Nicolock Paving Stones design center for more driveway suggestions and driveway landscaping ideas.

1.) Eco-Friendly Pavers and Patterns

A typical paved driveway generates a lot of runoff every time it rains. Eco-friendly paving stones and driveway patterns are designed to allow rain to percolate through, returning water to the soil and replenishing the water table. From Checker Block® paving stones that allow grass to grow between the paving stones for a lush, green look to SF-Rima® permeable driveway pavers that look like stone, but allow water to percolate through, Nicolock Paving Stones has the eco-friendly options you need to stand out as a champion of the environment.

2.) Octagonal Cobblestone

Add a unique pattern and a rustic flair to your driveway by installing octagonal Cobblestone paving stones. Featuring paver-shield™ technology for true, fade-resistant color, the modern cobblestone driveway paving stones come in a combination of 2 shapes and can be installed in 3 different patterns to suit your space. No tricky patterns are needed as the unique shape of these paving stones keeps things interesting.

3.) Dripping in Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but they're not too shabby for homeowners either. Give your driveway a high-end look by choosing a diamond pattern. Diamond paving stones deliver visual interest and by using contrasting colors, you can easily create custom patterns that no other house on the block will have. The 8" x 8" paving stones are designed to fit together easily and feature paver-shield™ technology for the most vivid driveway colors.

4.) Classic Chevron Pattern

Chevron patterns are making a big comeback, which is one of our favorite modern driveway ideas because of their versatility. The Holland Stone has a classic brick shape and is the perfect choice for pulling off the chevron pattern. The 3 1/8" thick bricks have a flat surface and chamfered edges. The simple shape allows them to be installed in a variety of patterns, though the classic chevron is always a fan favorite. Try playing with bricks of different sizes to create different visuals.

5.) Inlays, Borders and Circle Kits

Upgrade your traditional paving stone driveway by adding an inlay, a border or a circle kit. Designed to add visual interest, these kits and inlays come in a wide range of colors that blend in or stand out. The Ridge Circle is a popular choice when it comes to round driveway designs.

Upgrade your driveway design by choosing one of these trendy ideas from Nicolock Paving Stones. Browse our selection of paver-shield™ products to get long-lasting color and strength, or pick out an inlay to add a pop of personality to your driveway. Make sure your home makes a great first impression by using our driveway paving stones ideas to create a beautiful, durable and completely unique driveway.