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Exploring Eco-Friendly Paver Materials and Manufacturing Processes

November 15, 2023

Green Alternatives to Asphalt Driveways and More

Exploring Eco-Friendly Paver Materials and Manufacturing Processes

Are There Green Alternatives to Asphalt Driveways?

When it comes time to refresh your driveway paving stones, the health of your lawn and landscape should come into play. Thanks to modern technological advancements, there are now more green alternatives to asphalt driveways than ever before, making the switch to an eco-friendly driveway easy.

By choosing one of the several environmentally friendly driveways available from Nicolock, you not only make a statement and commitment to do your part for a greener earth, but also increase your home's curb appeal and overall value. They make an attractive appeal to the Earth and your wallet, but let's review some of the options available to see which one may be right for you and your home.

A Quick Look at Eco-Friendly Paving Stone Driveways

Checker Block

Starting strong, the Checker Block paving stones are a grass driveway with plenty of strength and durability thanks to the steel-reinforced concrete stones. With a 75% open surface area, you allow more grass to grow for a lush landscape that is sure to catch the eye with its minimalist look.

Because the stones are spaced so far apart, more rainfall can seep into the ground, reducing your water usage to keep your lawn looking green. Additionally, the water won't pool around your yard to wash away the nutrient-dense topsoil or into storm drains, causing flooding elsewhere.


Similar to the Checker Block paving stones, the Turfstone uses smaller concrete stones and
provides a 40% open-surface area for grass to grow through. The multiple, smaller sones blend seamlessly into your lawn, leaving the appearance that you don't have a driveway at all.

In addition to making excellent driveways, the Turfstone can be extended into walkways to spread the eco-friendly nature across your property, and just like the Checker Block option, water, whether from your hose or rain, will soak through the ground. This avoids erosion and flooding near where you walk or park your cars. Speaking of erosion, because the stones are placed in the ground, they're designed to last longer than typical asphalt driveways.

Eco-Ridge 80MM

While these look like a typical paving stone driveway, they use less material to reduce environmental strain. If you're a fan of minimalist design while still straying away from conventional asphalt driveways, simple stones are an easy way to heighten the value of your home's visual appeal.

Unlike the Checker Block and Turfstone, the Eco-Ridge 80MM only has a 13% open surface area, so that water won't seep into the ground underneath. However, it does make it very easy to wash away any debris that accumulates, such as leaves, dirt, grass clippings and dust. For tougher stains, power washing is an easy task to rejuvenate your paving stones.

One last big benefit to choosing the Eco-Ridge line is that they comply with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), which effectively states that joint distance between stones needs to be a certain distance to mitigate injuries. The smooth texture of the stones (while allowing for traction) means they are easy to walk on without slipping and causing injury.


Another minimalist gem that reduces environmental strain, the Eco-Tre paving stones are tightly laid for a uniform, sleek and strong driveway or walkway. What sets these stones apart from other options is the multiple lengths to create different patterns and textures, colors to accent your home and environment and a 10% open surface area and joint opening, once again complying with the ADA.

Choose the granite city blend for a classic look, the oyster blend for a traditional brick-adjacent color to stand out or one of the other options that suits your tastes. Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured that the new paving stones will withstand the elements and wear and tear while retaining their deep, luxurious color.

SF Rima®

Possibly one of the most interesting green alternatives to an asphalt driveway, the SF-Rima® is crafted to look like stone but allows water to percolate through the stones and joints. Hose water and rain will permeate the stones rather than wash away into the sewers. Thanks to the Nicolock manufacturing process, the SF-Rima® accomplishes several benefits:

  • Provides a real stone feel for ease of movement, whether walking or driving
  • Promotes healthier drainage to avoid flooding sewers during heavy rains
  • Allows water to soak through to permeate the soil underneath and across your property
  • Complies with the ADA
  • Raises your home's value
  • And more

Even More Benefits

Our network of contractors guarantees the highest quality work for your new paving stone driveways so they can raise your home's equity and help you become the envy of your neighbors. Our paving stones are expertly designed and manufactured to withstand heavy use for longer periods, mitigating cracking, splitting or becoming loose over time.

For those who care about the local environment, eco-friendly paving stones are an easy way to ensure you reduce your water usage and minimize strain on the sewer systems. Additionally, thanks to the stones allowing water through to hydrate the soil, your lawn and landscape as a whole will flourish, creating a lush bed of grass to stand out from other homes on your block.

If you'd like to give your driveway a makeover with green alternatives to asphalt driveways, contact us today to learn more about our eco-friendly paving stones. We'll put you in contact with one of our trusted contractors to help you select the right paving stones and design for your home and needs to increase your curb appeal and home's value overall. Why continue to let your driveway just sit there and not add any real equity to your home?

Call or email us today to learn more; you'll be happy you did.